October 28, 2020

Corbetts’s FIRST Facebook campaigns 75% ROAS with Lexer

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Founded in 1941, Corbetts is a Canadian retailer of snow equipment, apparel and accessories. New to digital, the business launched its first CDP-powered Facebook advertising campaign and saw outstanding results, with some audiences delivering an average ROAS of 74.89! Here’s a glimpse into their work with Lexer.

Although Corbetts’s brick-and-mortar retail presence is confined primarily to Oakville, Ontario and the surrounding areas, their recently-revamped online store ships daily to customers around the world.

The Corbetts team approached Lexer with no prior experience running Facebook advertising campaigns. New to ecommerce but eager to use it to engage their customers, they asked Lexer to help them get started.

By pairing our powerful platform with our strategic services, we helped Corbetts learn the ins and outs of Facebook advertising while simultaneously driving value for their business. Because technology only gets you so far, Lexer’s services are heavily focused on building new skills for internal team members to ensure a smooth adoption of the Lexer Customer Data Platform (CDP).

After unifying, enriching, and analyzing their customer data within the Lexer CDP, we guided Corbetts through their first-ever experience with Facebook ads, orchestrating hyper-targeted acquisition and retention campaigns in March and April of 2020 that drove incredible results. Because the Corbetts team was keen to test and learn before they ramped up their approach to paid social, they started out with a modest budget.

The paid social campaign objectives included:

  • Driving conversions with a positive return-on-ad spend (ROAS).
  • Acquiring new ecommerce customers.
  • Engaging existing customers on a new channel.
  • Driving traffic to the ecommerce site.

“As a small business with limited time and resources, we wanted to put more focus into our targeted marketing initiatives,” says Keri Partridge, Ecommerce Specialist at Corbetts. “We were provided with the guidance and suggestions to start off with some simple paid social and email campaigns to get a better understanding of our customers, what kind of ads and audiences work best, as well as Lexer’s capabilities and processes moving forward. The results we’ve seen have been great so far, and have given us the tools to decide where our future focus should be.”

The results: March 2020

The first three Lexer-powered Corbetts campaigns ran in March.

The Men’s End of Season Campaign included two audiences: One included current men’s ski customers for retention and upsells and the other included lookalikes of high-value men’s ski customers for prospecting and acquisition. Each audience was served a Facebook ad promoting Corbetts’s end-of-season sale and offering free shipping on orders upwards of $99 USD.

  • The retention audience achieved a ROAS of 195.66.
  • The acquisition audience achieved a ROAS of 68.41.

The media spend on the retention audience was low, because the audiences themselves were small—but the yield was remarkable. This strategy is incredibly efficient, but likely won’t ever make a massive topline impact because the audiences are so small. Therefore, acquisition will be a better focus to contribute to Corbetts’s overall revenue growth.

The Kids Outerwear Campaign included an acquisition audience of parents who’ve expressed an interest in skiing on Facebook. We served this audience an ad promoting a 30 percent discount off of Corbetts’s kids’ ski gear.

  • In all, this campaign achieved a 12.24 ROAS.

The results: April 2020

After the success of the March campaigns—which performed two to three times better using CDP-built audiences than with Facebook targeting audiences—we decided to run a second round of campaigns in April.

We ran a second round of the Men’s End of Season Campaign using the same retention and acquisition audiences.

  • The retention audience drove a ROAS of 53.04.
  • The acquisition audience drove a ROAS of 20.03.

We also ran a similar campaign using retention and acquisition audiences of women’s ski customers and lookalikes. Although the media spend was quite low, the positive results from this campaign set the stage for budget increases and more aggressive strategies in the future.

  • The retention audience drove a ROAS of 122.25.
  • The acquisition audience drove a ROAS of 14.23.

What’s next for Corbetts and Lexer?

After running their first Facebook ad campaigns using targeted audiences built within the Lexer platform, the team at Corbetts were excited by the potential to use their customer data to drive growth.

“Once implemented with Lexer, we were able to understand our customers much better, specifically their shopping habits and individual sporting gear and size preferences,” says Keri. “With Lexer’s assistance, we were able to create smaller audiences to target customers based on their profiles, sporting preference, previous purchases, location and more.”

A key learning was that their acquisition campaigns performed most effectively when they focused only on their hero products—men’s and women’s ski gear. Their retention campaigns, on the other hand, performed best when they were centered around ski gear, accessories, and kids' products.

Because the second campaign continued to generate high return-on-ad-spend, the team at Corbetts plans to increase their media budget again for their next promotional campaign powered by Lexer. They’ll continue to target customers and prospects during the offseason, using sweepstakes and paid social campaigns to acquire new prospects and customers throughout the year.

These sweepstakes campaigns will include data capture surveys built using Lexer’s secure form feature to gain additional customer insights, inform customer personas, and improve personalization of future campaigns.

“The program itself is user friendly and provides an easy way to view the data used to create customer profiles and audiences,” says Keri. “We received great support from the team throughout the setup and our direct contact provided very personable ongoing communication, support and campaign suggestions. We feel confident moving forward in the ability to optimise our paid social, and targeted email campaigns over the Holiday/Snow Season.”

Lexer’s CDP helps customer-centric brands genuinely understand their customers and engage them with the experiences they deserve. Built for retail, our tools and team help you master your customer data at every touchpoint—from marketing to sales to service—so you can deepen customer loyalty and drive profitable growth.

Use the meeting link below to book a demo with our team and see how Lexer can help you make a greater impact with paid social, direct-to-consumer engagement, and more.

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