October 6, 2020

Dimers.com partners with Lexer for data-driven growth

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As a new kid on the block in the ultra-competitive sports space, Dimers.com is aiming to make an immediate impact in the United States, following the launch of its digital product in August.

Dimers provides news, predictions, picks, and plays for recreational sports bettors in the sports-mad United States. The team at Dimers.com partnered with Lexer to implement their Customer Data Platform in order to increase their customer understanding, automate digital marketing activation, and drive best-in-class customer experiences.

“We are under no illusion as to how incredibly powerful the Lexer CDP offering is, it's actually a game changer for us.”

Being relatively new, Dimers had few customer records, but they made the decision to optimize their data structure from the very beginning of their journey to build strong foundations for the future.

“We are under no illusion as to how incredibly powerful the Lexer CDP offering is, it’s actually a game-changer for us,” said Co-founder and CEO Adam Fiske.

Bringing vast experience from previous brand marketing and advertising roles, Fiske is familiar with the challenges of working with an incomplete, inconsistent, or otherwise less-than-optimal database. Going back to rework a business’s data structure long after it has accumulated masses of customer records can be a headache for even the most technologically-savvy of businesses.

“It’s been a priority of ours since day one to ensure we get our data, and the way we’re able to interpret it, correct from the outset. It’s such a powerful and effective way to drive growth, so we’re delighted to have partnered with Lexer.”

“We reviewed a number of different options, but ultimately we didn’t hesitate in our decision to choose Lexer as our Customer Data Platform partner,” Fiske added.

With one of the simplest onboarding and integrations in the industry, Lexer’s CDP effortlessly combines, cleanses, standardizes, and enriches data into a holistic single view of the customer. Lexer’s tools and team help boost customer IQ with AI-powered predictive analytics, third-party data enrichment, and targeted customer surveys. As the only CDP to natively support all customer touchpoints, Lexer empowers every team to make insight-driven decisions that drive revenue.

With a single customer view established from the start, Dimers.com will be well-positioned to gain a holistic, data-driven understanding of who its core customers are and how they interact with the platform. These customer insights will inform Dimers’ digital marketing strategies and help their team engage customers with the exceptional, personalized experiences that they deserve.

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