January 31, 2017

Global job board SEEK improves social customer service

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With many customers choosing social as their medium of choice for customer service, it can be challenging to acknowledge people’s previous engagements with your brand.

What have they said to you in the past, and how did your team respond? Are you talking to a Hater? Super Fan? Influencer? Investor? If you don’t know, you’ll be missing the opportunity for genuine customer engagement and satisfaction. This is where SEEK wanted to stand out, SEEK cares for job seekers.

It can be hard to navigate the many options of customer data platforms for better customer service, improved customer retention metrics, and an overall improvement to your data-driven retail approach – make sure you choose one that is ready-made and tailored for an enterprise like yours.

The opportunity

As a partner in the career journey, SEEK responds to tens of thousands of social media objects per year from job seekers on the hunt for a new opportunity.

For Melita Amore, Marketing Associate – Social Media at SEEK, being able to acknowledge SEEK’s shared history with community members is crucial in delivering a great customer experience.

“Getting the context right means you can respond in a personalized way,”
- Melita Amore, SEEK

“It demonstrates we care about that individual’s ongoing journey and adds another layer of authenticity to that engagement. It also shows that we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality which is really important.”


SEEK are passionate users of Lexer Engage, a social customer service tool offering a full view of the context behind each post.

The History Column in Engage enables access to a comprehensive timeline of previous engagements the person has had with their brand.

In addition, the Context View feature allows SEEK service agents to view the object in the context of the thread it appears on, enabling a fuller understanding of the content or interaction.


With a greater understanding of the story behind the post, SEEK has created a trusted network of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the size of which continues to grow each day.

Melita said the History Column has been particularly key in empowering these relationships.

“The History Column is awesome and it is an integral part of our community management,”
- Melita Amore, SEEK

“It’s made life so much easier because I can look back and see what’s transpired in past conversations. It eliminates doubling up on content that I may have sent them earlier and it helps cement that rapport.” – Melita Amore, SEEK

“Everyone wants to feel like they matter, and the History Column helps us make this happen.”
- Melita Amore, SEEK

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