May 6, 2021

Meet a Lexi: Amy Holland, Customer Success Executive

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Lexi (n): an extraordinary human and Lexer team member who works hard behind the scenes to build powerful products and support customers’ success. Our “Meet a Lexi” series presents exclusive interviews with Lexis across the business to showcase the people who make Lexer great.

Amy Holland is a Customer Success Executive supporting the delivery of CDP implementations and solution strategies that deliver ROI for our customers.

Having started as a sidequester and evolved through multiple teams at Lexer, Amy has first-hand experience with the personal and professional growth that Lexer supports. Even when faced with entirely new roles and responsibilities, she’s never afraid to give it a go!

We sat down with Amy to hear about her experience at Lexer and her hopes for the future.

What was life like before Lexer?

When I finished high school, I was determined to be in the medical industry, and I decided to give paramedics a go.

I did a year and a half before I thought, I’m a bit burnt out from this. On my very Aussie gap year, I thought about what paramedics meant for me and my future. There were a few things, like shift work, that I didn’t think were going to suit where I wanted to be in my life. So I had a good hard think about what I wanted to do next.

I quite like maths, so I decided to study IT at Monash University, majoring in software development and minoring in computer networks and security. IT wasn’t something I thought about much at school—but once I got into it, I thought, where has this been my whole life?

You hadn’t had any experience with IT before?

No—I was shocked I hadn’t done it as a kid. I feel it’s really important for everyone to have a background and understanding in technology, especially since it’s so prevalent in our lives.

Thank goodness I found IT. That was the first time in my life where I had that feeling of, “yep, I’m on the right path.”

At what point in your IT journey did you find Lexer?

In my final year of my degree, I thought, time to get some real experience.

I went to university with Darcy Crettenden, who had started working at Lexer as a sidequester. He mentioned that Lexer was keen to hire another sidequester, so I applied to Lexer and I got it!

So you were part-time until you finished your degree—and then what?

I was casual until I finished my degree, and then last year, I shifted to the success team as a full-time employee. As I learned more about the business, I had the opportunity to shift from the product team to the success role I’m in now.

I suppose what made me want to take the success role is that it’s such a good opportunity for me to learn—for me to develop personally and also professionally. It was such a good opportunity I couldn’t pass it up. Even though it’s not linked to my degree, I’m learning skills here that I’ll take with me for life.

Because this was my first full-time role, I had people outside of Lexer giving me advice like, don’t stay in one place for too long, and all I could think was: Why would I ever want to leave?

There’s nothing really quite like it, particularly for someone like me who’s just starting out in their career. The family feeling and the respect I get here, particularly as a recent graduate, is unique. Plus, the fun!

Tell me more about the fun and the culture.

Lexer’s technology is so innovative and what we’re doing is really exciting, but when I’m describing Lexer to other people, the first thing I talk about is the fun and the culture.

We’ve got Lego in the office. We do Wednesday wine and cheese. And then the conversations we have on the team…. Having not found IT in high school, I think I may have suppressed this very nerdy side of me to fit in. But after coming here, I’m able to speak so openly and have passions that are embraced by everyone, even if it’s not their cup of tea.

You can be wholly, uniquely yourself at Lexer, and everyone really encourages that.

Also, I recently had to put my dog down and I went into the office thinking I was okay, but I just started sobbing. And you would think that the people in this office were family. That was a day where I just thought, wow, I’m so lucky to have these people around me.

What’s your favorite Lexi event?

Trivia. I know it’s not our biggest one, but I go to trivia every day and it’s so nice to have that half hour to talk about anything. It’s nice, especially during covid, to see people’s faces—and to see them in a smiling way, not in a serious sort of “meeting” way.

I think the most bonding I’ve done with people in the office has been through trivia, both in the office and on Zoom. Because that’s when you get the snippets of people’s life outside work. The “work brain” switches off for a minute.

How does Lexer support you to do your best work?

I think there’s multiple answers for me because I’ve shifted from an intern to starting my professional career here.

Whilst I was studying, Lexer was super flexible in the hours I was able to work and study was always encouraged. If anything came up with university, that was always the priority. That was exceptional for an intern to have a culture where they’re encouraging you to work hard not only for them, but for yourself. It was always: Do what you need to do to get where you wanna be.

Lexer also offered me an opportunity to shift to success, which was not something I was familiar with. I was very nervous and there was a lot of support for me when I made the switch.

At a different company, if I didn’t have that support or encouragement, I don’t think I would have shifted so far away from what I studied. I’m really grateful for it, because I’ve learned heaps in just my limited time.

Kristy Malik (KM) was a big part of that support and encouragement. She’s the best.

What’s the best piece of advice that KM has given you?

KM’s full of wisdom. I find every word she says is meaningful.

I would say, the best piece of advice has been: Give it a go, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

That’s good advice not just for Lexer, but also for life, because it encourages open communication.

What are you looking forward most to when it comes to Lexer's future?

The growth is so exciting, both people-wise and platform-wise. I’m really passionate about what our product is and what it does, so I’m excited to see how the product develops and what kind of opportunities will be opened up because of the road we’re going down.

Is there anything you’d say to anyone coming into Lexer on how to make the most of their Lexer experience?

I’d say, try everything.

That includes getting to know the product really well. Having a firm understanding of the product gives you that drive and passion for what we do, but it also gives you an understanding and respect for every team at Lexer.

Get immersed and talk to everybody, too, even people who aren’t on your team. The better you know the people and the product, the more Lexer is going to be able to offer you.

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