Lexer Service Level Agreement

1. Purpose of the Agreement

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to outline the understanding between Lexer and its clients in relation to Lexer’s technology and support service levels. 

2. Client Setup

Client setup, including on-boarding & training, includes activities such as:
Discovery & Scoping workshop
User administration
Platform setup and optimisation of variables and filters.
A personal training session with a client “Super User”.  This user will be responsible for assisting other client users in daily use of the service.
A group user training session. Client should invite key users and managers to this session so that they are equipped to train a broader group if required.
Assuming the client is able to schedule the required training sessions, Lexer’s aim is to complete Setup within [x] weeks of signing a new contract.
Lexer will provide the client with a mutually agreed clients setup delivery plan. Lexer will update and circulate the delivery plan to all key stakeholders on a weekly basis.
Setup fees are set out in the work order.

3. Client Support

Ongoing Client support is provided to help Users access and use the site.  Support includes but is not limited to the following activities
Adding and removing Users;
Adding, removing and editing keywords and filters;
Responding to User questions about site functionality; and
Resolving technical errors or bugs in the Site.
Lexer offers Standard and Premium Support subscriptions as set out below. Premium Support fees are set out in a work order.
Standard Support
Premium Support
Support Channels
  • Online help desk integrated into Lexer platforms
  • Email at support@lexer.io 
  • Live chat during AEST business hours at clients.lexer.io
  •  Online help desk integrated into Lexer platforms
  • Email at support@lexer.io 
  • Live chat during AEST business hours at clients.lexer.io
  • Phone dedicated Success Manager during AEST business hours on +61 3 9020 4551
  • Initial response - 24 hours
  • Final resolution - 3 business days
  • Initial response - 2 hours
  • Final resolution - 1 business days

4. Uptime Service Level

Lexer endeavours to have the site and services accessible at least 98% of the time (Uptime SLA).
When calculating Uptime, any failure to meet the service level that is directly or indirectly caused by any one or more of the following items would not constitute a failure of the service level:
Scheduled maintenance;
A malfunction or failure of any third party service or network, including the internet, that is not part of the Lexer’s technology; or
Any force majeure event.

5. Context

This Service Level Agreement is not intended to create a contractual relationship between Lexer and any other party, be legally binding, give rise to any legal relationship, rights, duties or consequences, be the subject of litigation or give reason for termination of any agreement that a client has with Lexer.