January 1, 2022

How Rip Curl drove 93% more revenue per campaign in one month with Lexer and a single customer view

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The Company

Increasing impact while minimizing budget is a near-universal priority for every team, not only marketing.

That certainly holds true for Rip Curl, one of the most well-known surfing brands in the world. As manager of Rip Curl’s digital marketing team, Sam Hopgood is always looking for ways to improve his team’s performance, streamline daily operations, and increase the visibility of marketing impact to the leadership team.

By partnering with Lexer to implement the Customer Data Platform, Sam and his team were able to do just that. With the CDP and support from the Lexer success team, Rip Curl achieved business changing goals, not limited to, but including:

  • An in-depth understanding of their customers.
  • Advanced audience segmentation and automation.
  • High-value customer acquisition.
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV) growth via upselling and cross-selling.

The Challenge

Prior to the implementation of the Lexer CDP, Rip Curl’s data streams were disconnected and siloed across channels and locations. Without a central database, opportunities 
to capture and draw insights from data were lost, and the ability to work cross-functionally proved difficult.

In other words, Rip Curl needed to be able to capture and interpret data at every touchpoint—online, in-store, customer service, and SearchGPS watch data—and consolidate that data into 
a single customer view in order to offer a seamless and connected customer experience. 

Enter Lexer.

The Solution: Lexer CDP

Rip Curl implemented the Lexer CDP to unite their disparate data and create a single view of the customer.

The CDP became Rip Curl’s missing element, a single source of truth for all customer information across channels and touchpoints, giving the team everything it needed to create consistent and personalised customer experiences.

After implementing the Lexer CDP to create an enriched single customer view, Sam and his team at Rip Curl gained an unprecedented understanding of customer demographics, what they buy, and why. Along with that, the CDP enabled self-serve customer insights, advanced customer segmentation, personalized targeting, and omnichannel campaign activation.

Here’s an example of what the true single customer view looks like using Sam’s profile:

From the implementation to the continued use of the Lexer platform, Sam describes the experience as “relatively easy and low-stress for Rip Curl’s digital team, thanks to both the platform’s ease-of-use and strategic support from Lexer’s success team.”

The Results:

  • New Customer Segments drove 93% more revenue per campaign.
  • Wetsuit campaign resulted in 15X higher revenue than its benchmark comparison.
  • Personalized eDMs using the platform to increase open rate by 28% and click rate by 16%.

Sam had this to say about the results:

"It’s not an insane increase, but over the course of the year when you’re sending to hundreds of thousands of inboxes, that does play a huge part in driving tens of thousands more to your site…Ultimately, when there’s more coming to your site, there are more chances for conversions with those brand advocates. I look at personalization as being simple, yet significant, and we’re better serving our brand advocates because of that."

Use Lexer’s CDP to drive your success

Like Rip Curl, your brand can use the Lexer CDP to manage, segment, track, and activate first-party data across all of your channels, helping you enhance customer touch points. Lexer cleanses and combines data into an enriched single view of the customer with minimal effort required from brands and retailers. Our intuitive tools enable retail, marketing, and service teams to draw meaningful business insights from data in ways previously reserved for experienced data scientists, insights that can be used across all functions

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