Why customers love Lexer

Lexer is the only CDP built specifically for brands and retailers. With native tools to enhance every customer touchpoint and a talented team providing strategic guidance and ongoing support, we help the world’s most iconic brands transform into customer-centric businesses.
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Fast + Easy Deployment
Lexer’s pre-built integrations enable you to quickly combine, enrich, and transform your data into a single view of the customer.
Comprehensive Enrichment
Enrichment with Experian data, AI-powered predictive analytics, and surveys provide insight beyond your direct customer relationship.
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Self-Serve Insight
Our easy-to-use tools democratize access to customer data, enabling all teams gain customer insight while reducing load on internal analytics teams.
Strategic Guidance
Lexer’s retail experts help you decipher your data and recommend strategies for engaging your customers with the experiences they deserve.
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Built for Every Team
With whole-business access to customer insight, you can orchestrate relevant experiences across marketing, sales, and service.
Omnichannel Personalization
Provide focused, personalized, and human-to-human customer engagement wherever your customers prefer to shop.
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"Lexer's ability to collect and aggregate key data is remarkable. But what is more remarkable is how it can integrate with other systems to then make that data immediately useful."
Wes Lawson
Consumer and Community Engagement Manager


Track Change + Quantify Impact
With straightforward tools for sophisticated reporting, you can make data-driven decisions to seize opportunities and mitigate risks.
Continuous Optimization
Lexer’s iterative approach to analytics and engagement boosts your business’s agility and enhances your performance over time.
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Flexible APIs
Connect your marketing, service, and ecommerce channels to activate audiences, engage customers, and enrich profiles.
Co-Design + Configuration
With hundreds of configuration options and collaboration from our team, you have control over your Lexer experience.
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