Customer-led innovation

The Lexer CDXP delivers more than just revenue growth. Our powerful tools and services help you weave customer-centricity into every aspect of your business, from the relevancy of the customer experiences you offer to the agility, efficiency, and proactivity of your internal teams.
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From Channel to Customer
From technical support to team training, Lexer helps you re-shape the way your business operates, measures success, and engages with customers.
Future-Proofed Strategies
Lexer helps you innovate, adapt, and prepare for the future with real-time customer analytics, predictive insight, and strategic guidance.
Black Diamond climbs higher with The Lexer CDP


Supercharged Acquisition
Lexer’s advanced segmentation and omnichannel targeting tools attract high-quality prospects and generate consistently high returns on ad spend.
Lifetime Growth + Loyalty
With a heavy focus on lifetime value, Lexer helps you identify your best customers and orchestrate the experiences that keep them coming back.
How Rip Curl drove 93% more revenue per email campaign in a single month with Lexer


Efficient People + Processes
Drive customer-centricity across the entire business with self-serve insights, automated cross-channel activation, and strategic services that act as a natural extension of your team.
Reduced Waste = Preserved Budget
Lexer reduces wasteful ad spend, eliminates the need for outsourcing, and eases the burden on IT, so you can reallocate your budget where it matters most: Delighting the customer.
Vinomofo Grows Low-Cost Acquisition, Retention, and Lifetime Value with the Lexer CDP


Customer Insights + Impact
Lexer unifies NPS scores, survey responses, and other engagement metrics to help you track performance and improve personalization.
Relevancy at Every Touchpoint
With native tools to support every customer touchpoint—from marketing to sales to service—Lexer powers exceptional omnichannel experiences all from the same dataset.
How TGV Cinemas used Lexer to increase customer lifetime value and improve guest experiences

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