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Our CDP-powered retail solution provides you with comprehensive customer insight for improving the in-store customer experience, providing better service, and growing sales. Give every team the tools they need to become customer-centric, revenue-generating powerhouses.

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Deliver relevant experiences

Fast customer lookup and profile retrieval
Lexer’s retail solution allows sales associates to quickly access a detailed history of all omnichannel interactions for any customer. With this historical knowledge and recommended best next interactions based on predictive analytics, your team can personalize their service and encourage higher-value sales.

Easily track performance

Detailed visit tracking and reporting
Store managers can easily track and report on sales associate performance and NPS with Lexer’s intuitive tools. They can browse their store’s most frequent or valuable customers to ensure they’re delivering exceptional service when and where it matters most.

Capture lost data for better insight

Collecting and accessing customer data from brick-and-mortar locations has always been a challenge. Unlike website interactions, which leave trails of customer data, most in-store data is currently lost. Lexer’s flexible data capture forms enable you to collect this key customer data from in-store interactions to genuinely understand and engage your customers both online and offline.
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Record store visits
Email list sign-up
Event registration
NPS and CSAT surveys
Fast customer lookup
Customer preference surveys
Visual purchase history
Segment off store behaviors
Recommended next best customer action

Close the loop with marketing

Personalized post-visit retargeting
Use your retail data to drive ecommerce growth. With the additional customer insight drawn from in-store interactions, marketers can personalize their digital retargeting campaigns. They can also link high-performing campaigns to recommended next best actions to drive in-store sales.

Deploy with ease

IT-friendly setup for any device.
Lexer’s retail solution can work on an Apple iPad, Android Tablet, or any other device with a web-browser.

With minimal setup required, the tool is already integrated with your data platforms, is ISO and SOC2 compliant, and can be easily installed by your in-store team.

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