Improve engagement and grow lifetime value

Customer-centric businesses let data lead their marketing. With Lexer’s AI-powered CDXP marketing solution, you can orchestrate personalized experiences across paid and owned channels to attract and retain high-value customers.
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Drive marketing ROI, revenue, and customer loyalty.
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Connect your customer data

Integrate data quickly and easily.
Transform raw, fragmented data into individual customer profiles that help you achieve a comprehensive understanding of your highest-value customers.
The Retail Survival Guide: Moving From Channel-Led to Customer-Centric

Enhance customer profiles

Real-time, 360 customer insight.
Enrich your database with Experian’s Mosaic and CDP-powered surveys. With insight beyond your direct relationship, you can predict customer behavior, understand purchase patterns, tailor messaging to customer preferences, and more.
How to Unlock Customer Insight and Value with Third-Party Data

AI powered insights to inform strategy and generate revenue

You don’t need to be a data scientist to draw value from your data. Lexer’s AI analysis and marketer-friendly dashboards enable you to self-serve insight to inform your marketing strategy.

Compare and contrast customer segments by key data points such as products purchased, preferred channels, marketing engagement, external data, and online behaviors to learn more about the performance of your current marketing activities and discover opportunities for improvement.
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Create actionable segments

Relevance drives results.
Personalized marketing is profitable marketing. Easily build high-value segments and audiences of real people, using real data.
4 Steps to Acquiring High-Value Customers

Target effortlessly

High-powered customer acquisition.
Advanced audience targeting limits wasteful ad spend and drives conversions. In as little as three clicks, rapidly execute tailored campaigns to high-value segments across all channels.
6 Ways to Save Money Using Advanced Audience Targeting

Quantify impact with custom reporting

Communicating marketing’s contribution to revenue has always been a challenge. Lexer’s easy-to-use tools and AI assistant make measuring change and quantifying impact a reality. Analyze spend, demographics, loyalty, and channel preferences of every customer.

These powerful metrics give marketers the ability to convey the value of their efforts to the executive team, optimize their strategies and segments, and tailor their marketing messages to drive more profitable results.
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AI messaging

Grow revenue and foster loyalty.
Highly personalized 1:1 messages generated by AI. Informed by your brand objectives, values, and tone. Tailored for each individual customer.

Discover your growth potential

No cost, no commitment.
See your customer data come to life in just a few days. Discover actionable insights and quantify growth opportunities with our industry-first CDXP Live Demo.
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