May 7, 2019

61% survey response rate for personalized campaign

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The West Coast Eagles, winners of the 2018 Australian Football League Grand Final, wanted to better understand their customers in order to facilitate more personalized communications and the best possible fan experience.

In partnership with Lexer, they set out to grow their database, enhance data coverage and quality, and do so in such a way that it would boost their revenue. We had the following goals:

Goal 1:

Increase the number of customer records in the West Coast Eagles’ database that they can accurately match to Facebook users.

Goal 2:

Enhance customer profiles with new information that would allow West Coast to generate new insights and grow sponsorship revenue.

Leveraging the excitement around the AFL Grand Final, we created a Grand Final themed online survey campaign using West Coast’s email and Facebook channels to reach hyper-targeted audiences. We needed campaign creative that aligned with the upcoming Grand Finals, an exciting incentive related to the event and a way to pose tailored questions to each audience so that answers would be meaningful and actionable.

Download the case study to learn how:

  • West Coast achieved a 61% survey submission rate
  • Initial and follow-up surveys were structured to deliver valuable insights that the Eagles can leverage throughout their business
  • A sample of the insights gained can be used to boost revenue