May 3, 2021

776BC targets global DTC growth with Lexer’s CDP

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Founded by athletes, for athletes, 776BC is a performance athletic apparel brand with a true customer focus. They recently chose Lexer as their Customer Data Platform (CDP) and strategic partner to help them grow their ecommerce presence, break into new markets, and improve the customer experience.

Co-founded in Australia by husband-and-wife team Cameron and Kate McKenzie-McHarg, 776BC offers a range of specialized performance garments for rowing, kayaking, cycling, and more. Their products are developed, tested, and endorsed by elite athletes to ensure premium quality that stands up to the world’s toughest training programs.

As a two-time Olympian and Beijing Silver medalist himself, Cameron has unique insight into the requirements of high-performance sports gear and the needs of his customers.

“We founded 776BC to serve the athlete community with technical performance apparel that truly delivers,” says Cameron. “We develop and test our products with some of the best athletes in the world, with the end goal that everyone gets to benefit and feel the difference. Our unique athlete-centred development process delivers products which respond to the needs of the specific sport and the environments in which the athlete trains and competes.”

Even though the business continues to be deeply involved with the athletic community, Cameron and Kate know they have an opportunity to deepen their customer understanding by making better use of their customer data. That’s why they recently chose Lexer as their CDP partner.

Lexer is the CDP of choice for leading outdoor and sports brands like Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Billabong, and more. As the only CDP built for retail, we help the world’s most iconic brands drive incremental sales from improved customer engagement. Our intuitive tools enable retail, marketing, and service teams to draw meaningful conclusions from data in ways previously reserved for experienced data scientists, and our Success team provides a level of care and commitment unique in the SaaS industry to maximize the impact of our products.

“At 776BC we’ve established a great community of athletes who love wearing our products,” says Kate, Co-Founder and Marketing Director. “We're excited by the opportunity to work with Lexer to expand our community around the world and learn more about what our customers really love and want to see more from 776BC. We're obsessed with delivering the best product and service in the market and we believe the partnership with Lexer will enrich our end-to-end customer experience.”

With a strong market share in Australia and an expanding sports line, 776BC will use Lexer to inform their global ecommerce growth, especially into the American market. In particular, 776BC will focus on gaining in-depth customer insights and activating segmentation and targeting strategies with Lexer’s tools and guidance.

For example, because Australia’s summer months occur during America’s winter months, 776BC needs the ability to segment and tailor their messaging to the correct season to improve the overall customer experience.

Even simple strategies like this can be difficult to activate without the right technology—but can lead to massive improvements in customer engagement and return-on-investment. Lexer will be key to helping 776BC seize these opportunities and more.

“Digital has opened up so many opportunities to engage with our community in a much more meaningful way,” says Kate. “We’re excited to be working with Lexer to deliver improved customer experiences and continue to expand the 776BC community worldwide.”

Lexer teaches proven, data-driven engagement strategies tailored specifically to outdoor and sports brands like 776BC. To learn more, click here to read “The End-to-End Guide to Lifecycle Targeting for Outdoor Brands and Retailers.”

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