October 26, 2021

Do you use Shopify and Klaviyo? Here’s why you also need a CDP

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For your business to achieve legendary status, you need to invest in legendary technology.

If you’re currently using Shopify and Klaviyo, then you’re already 2/3rds of the way there.

Now, all you need to amplify their performance is the one technology that can bring your entire retail tech stack together: A Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Why you need a CDP to enhance Shopify and Klaviyo

You’re probably using many different systems to operate your business: Point-of-sale systems, ecommerce platforms, email service providers, marketing automation platforms, and more.

Each system contains valuable customer data—but without the ability to combine that data and analyze it from an omnichannel perspective, it’s difficult to gain a complete and accurate understanding of your customers. And without a complete understanding of your customer, creating relevant experiences that drive revenue feels next to impossible.

That’s where CDPs come in.

CDPs like Lexer connect all of the data from your various retail data systems and then cleanse, organize, and standardize that data to create a single customer view. This single customer view acts as the “single source of truth” for all of the customer information to which your business has access. From first-party data like purchase history and email engagement to third-party enrichment data like Experian’s Mosaic, everything you need to know about your customers is easily accessible from the CDP.

With comprehensive, up-to-date customer profiles all in one place, every team can use data and insight to orchestrate personalized customer experiences across every channel.

In other words, you can think of CDPs as the “pre-workout” for platforms like Shopify and Klaviyo. Sure, Shopify and Klaviyo still work without a CDP—but together, the efficiency and impact of each platform gains a competitive boost.

Lexer is the leading CDP for brands that use Shopify and Klaviyo

There are many different types of CDPs, all with their own strengths and use cases—so choosing the right CDP vendor can feel like a daunting task.

But if you’re already using Shopify and Klaviyo, Lexer’s CDP is easily the best option for you. Here’s why.

1. Fast and easy one-click integration.

If you’ve ever suffered through a time-consuming, resource-intensive technology implementation, then you’re probably wondering how long it will take for Lexer to integrate your customer data into our platform.

The good news for Shopify and Klaviyo users is that we’ve automated the integration process for this specific combination of platforms. You can integrate your accounts with Lexer in minutes, with no code or IT resource required.

In fact, the integration process is so easy that we’ve waived the implementation fees (an $8,000 value) for clients who use a combination of Shopify and Klaviyo.

“It is the simplest integration I’ve ever done in over 10 years of experience,” says Matt Smith, General Manager of IT & Supply Chain at kikki.K. “I’ve looked at similar versions of the same tool from different vendors, but when you balance the cost, ease of integration, and ease for the end-user, I think Lexer is an excellent choice.”

2. Built for retail.

Why not choose a CDP vendor who knows your industry?

Lexer’s CDP was crafted by experienced retail enthusiasts to help you improve your acquisition, growth, and retention activities.

With an easy-to-use interface for marketers like you, we provide 140 AI-powered retail-specific attributes, including predictive attributes such as churn risk, predicted customer lifetime value, and next best product recommendations. Additionally, 30 out-of-the-box retail customer segments help you gain actionable insights to improve customer experiences from day one.

If that weren’t enough, our Success team provides a level of care and guidance unique to the SaaS industry. When you choose Lexer as your CDP partner, you also gain a team of dedicated retail strategists to help you drive results.

“There are not a lot of SaaS tools that we use here or that I’ve used in my career that have come with Lexer’s level of high-touch customer service and absolute expertise,” says Brian Garofalow, Chief Marketing Officer at Igloo. “The people we’re working with can make or break this—and the people are obviously incredibly additive with Lexer. Phenomenal work from a relationships point of view but also just incredibly valuable, their understanding of the product and also how it applies to our business. I feel like Lexer’s team is not just experts in their product and their business, but also how to apply that to our business.”

3. ROI in 30 days.

One of the most common (and important) questions people ask about CDPs is: When can I expect to see a return on my investment?

Although the impact of a CDP extends far beyond revenue, Lexer won’t make you wait very long before bringing in returns.

In the first 30 days of your Lexer engagement, you’ll receive:

  • A seamless CDP implementation, fully integrated with Shopify and Klaviyo.
  • An enriched single customer view with 140 out-of-the-box AI-powered attributes and 30 customer segments.
  • An initial strategy and insights analysis to teach you something about your customers you didn’t already know.
  • A best-in-class acquisition and retention campaign strategy developed by our Success team.
  • The deployment of your first insight-driven campaigns across Facebook ads, Google ads, and Criteo.

“Within the last 24 months, we’ve increased traffic to the site with brand advocates and our ROI is better than ever from an online marketing standpoint,” says Sam Hopgood, Digital Marketing Manager at Rip Curl. “Ultimately, this justifies the investment in a CDP and working with Lexer.”

Better together: Shopify, Klaviyo, Lexer, and you!

Every retail and ecommerce brand wants to be known as the best in their industry—but every business is only as good as the tools, people, and processes that operate it.

By integrating your Shopify and Klaviyo data into a retail-focused CDP like Lexer, you can strengthen your business’s technology foundation for providing extraordinary customer experiences.

Lexer is the Customer Data Platform of choice for leading brands like Igloo, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Nine West, Supergoop!, and more. As the only CDP built for retail, we help leading brands drive incremental sales from enhanced customer engagement.

The bottom line is: There are hidden gems of knowledge buried in your customer data. We’ll help you discover them.

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