March 8, 2023

Equity Unlocks Innovation

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The people who make up Lexer’s team are a huge part of what makes the business truly remarkable. Half of our leadership team is female and gender balance has played a significant role in enabling us to understand and solve our customers’ problems.

When teams embrace equity and foster diversity, they become more innovative and there is a growing body of research to support this. Harvard Business Review has collated multiple studies which have shown that diverse teams are simply smarter. They are able to scrutinise problems from multiple perspectives, analyse the facts more clearly, and make better decisions. 

When we work with people who are different from us, we challenge our brains with new ways of thinking and sharpen our performance. McKinsey’s Delivering Through Diversity report has even shown that gender diversity in management positions increases profitability. Companies in the top 25th percentile for gender diversity on their executive teams are 21% more likely to experience above-average profits.

From Lexer’s perspective, developing a next-generation customer data & experience platform in today’s fast-paced business landscape has been no easy feat. However, diversity has helped us see around corners and innovate in a complex market. 

The need to innovate is just one of the reasons why we have worked so hard to build a diverse, cross-functional team. Beyond that, we also value differences and believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a thriving career. 

That is why all workplaces need to build welcoming cultures where people can pursue their passions, make friends, meet mentors, make valuable contributions, and be rewarded for their work fairly. 

Lexer is on that journey. Paid primary/secondary family leave, extended personal leave (e.g. miscarriage), mentoring programs, and learning and development allowances are a handful of the programs we have in place to ensure that our employees have equitable opportunities to thrive. We believe that leaders are made, not born. It is essential that we help everyone become the best they can be, and we rarely nurture talent in gendered silos. 

Our leaders benefit from the fresh perspectives of newcomers, and newcomers benefit from the wealth of talent and experience of our leadership team - no matter who you are or where you come from. This has helped us to build an innovative and gender-balanced leadership team where women are represented.

Our leadership team is also inclusive by design. We empower and ask every member of the leadership team to contribute to the decisions of how we operate the entire business. As a result, they represent the leadership team, not just their functional area. We can tap into diversity of thought and apply that benefit to the entire company.

Equity is better for everyone. Let’s continue to embrace it!

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Dave Chinn
CEO & Co-Founder
David joined Lexer in 2015 as the General Manager where he helped to scale the Australian business over a two year period. David then founded Lexer’s North American business, he is based in Los Angeles and has responsibility for global marketing, sales and success. His career in data and technology started at Experian where he worked for 10 years. Despite living on foreign soil David still has Aussie tastes; beer, BBQs, surfing and the great outdoors.
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