November 12, 2018

Global job board leader increases social preference 18%

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SEEK is the global leader in the creation and operation of online employment markets. They own leading jobs boards in Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Mexico, Africa and across South East Asia and their reach extends to over 800,000 employers and 180 million job seekers.

And, with legions of fans across 9 brands and 19 profiles, SEEK’s social team has created one of ANZ’s most engaged and colorful online communities. In FY18 alone, they processed over 80,000 customer contacts and created 4,350 pieces of content.

Here’s how providing high-quality, personalized customer service on social has helped SEEK become the go-to-career partner for their community.

Going beyond traditional customer care

One of the first things you’ll notice about SEEK’s approach to community management is a constant and refreshing acknowledgment of the highs and lows of the career journey. The team knows finding a new role can be tough, but they’re always here to help with proactive advice.

We focus on providing one-to-one advice and support on their jobseeking and career journeys.
- Holly Arrowsmith, Marketing Manager – Social Media, SEEK

Using conversation history in Lexer Engage, agents tailor responses based on previous interactions with each customer, checking in on their progress and linking off to relevant advice on the Career Advice section of SEEK.

Conversation history in Lexer Engage helps us make the jobseeker feel valued.
- Holly Arrowsmith, Marketing Manager – Social Media, SEEK

This has a material impact on changing brand perceptions of SEEK from jobs board to career partner, with those aware of SEEK’s social media channels 25% more likely than those just aware of SEEK to say ‘SEEK provides advice, tips and training to help you with your career’ and 36% more likely to say ‘SEEK is always there to support me through my career’.

SEEK’s approach to community management also galvanizes brand advocates as customers constantly return for advice about the career journey, whether actively or passively searching for a job. In fact, those aware of SEEK’s social channels are 18% more likely than those just aware of SEEK to come to the brand first when looking for their next opportunity.

This to me a true indicator that we’ve built a brand that people feel connected to.
- Holly Arrowsmith, Marketing Manager, Social Media, SEEK

A single source of truth for 9 brands, 19 profiles and 3 key networks

On the outbound side of things, an agile team of 5 are charged with publishing 80+ pieces of content per week.

Because we work so nimbly with such large volumes of content, we need a platform that’s quick and easy to use.
- Holly Arrowsmith, Marketing Manager – Social Media, SEEK

Built-in consultation with the team, Lexer Outbox provides a single view of SEEK’s content calendar so they can efficiently manage engagement for 9 brands and 19 profiles.

Lexer Outbox has given me so much time back.
- Melita Amore, Community Management Lead, SEEK

Community management builds trust and advocacy

By providing one-to-one advice and inspiring content, SEEK position themselves as a career partner there to help at every stage of the journey. Their unique approach changes brand perceptions and builds legions of superfans, making them one of the big rockstars of customer care.

Lexer helps companies like SEEK deliver world-class customer service powered by data, lightning-fast workflows, enriched customer profiles, and full conversation history.

Our CDP feeds customer data into your inbox to provide a holistic view of the next best action for each customer, and also allows you to send surveys that can be appended to their customer record.

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