November 25, 2020

Hairhouse chooses Lexer to gain insights & increase CLV

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Hairhouse, Australia’s pioneer salon, retail, and piercing destination, recently chose Lexer as its CDP partner. With the ability to self-serve customer insights and activate cross-channel campaigns using the CDP, the Hairhouse team will enhance their customer experience to supercharge acquisition, growth, and retention.

Founded in 1992, Hairhouse is Australia’s leading one-stop shop for hair and beauty products and services. Hairhouse’s unique business model, which combines carefully-curated retail products with exceptional professional services, has helped the business grow to over 100 stores across Australia.

With a strong commitment to the customer deeply rooted in its history and business model, Hairhouse recently decided to level-up its customer engagement strategy by implementing the Lexer Customer Data Platform.

“For over 20 years we’ve been a part of our customers’ lives, and now we’re finally starting to really get to know them,” says Johanna Scully, CMO at Hairhouse. “Lexer is a major step in that journey to understand and engage our customers with intent.”

Although the Hairhouse IT team had done an incredible job of unifying Hairhouse’s customer data with Netsuite, the digital and marketing teams still struggled to easily use that data for customer insights and campaign activations.

Lexer solves that challenge. As the only CDP with native tools to support every customer touchpoint, Lexer empowers every team to self-serve customer insights, orchestrate personalized customer experiences across every channel, and make data-informed decisions to improve performance.

“Lexer is the platform that is set to deliver a ‘single source of information’ mechanic,” says Johanna, “which is a game-changer when you consider the complex channel structure of this business.”

With these CDP-powered capabilities, the Hairhouse team will gain an unprecedented understanding of who their customers are, including their demographics, interests, purchase histories, web and email engagement, lifetime value, and more. Lexer’s tools and team will help Hairhouse reveal customer insights and activate data-driven strategies with speed and confidence.

Hairhouse’s primary focus will be on growing the lifetime value of the current customer base, as well as acquiring new high-value customers using targeted campaigns. With an accurate and holistic understanding of the customer, the Hairhouse team is well-positioned to provide best-in-class customer engagement and further strengthen customer loyalty.

Hairhouse Warehouse Contact Information:

Johanna Scully

Lexer Contact Information:

Kate Murphy
Head of Retail

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