March 31, 2022

How Starward Whisky tapped Lexer's CDXP for new customer insights in 48hrs

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In this client success story, discover how award-winning spirits brand, Starward Whisky, utilized Lexer’s CDXP to improve engagement and find deep customer understanding.

In order to fully engage with your customers, you must first understand them. Melbourne–based spirits brand Starward Whisky discovered this fact when they tapped Lexer’s customer data and experience platform (CDXP) to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and the experiences that they expect.

The Australian award-winning whiskey brand had an eager audience of customers, yet without deep customer insight, struggled to segment their audiences to create engaging personalized experiences.

Starward Whisky looked to Lexer, the only CDXP built for retail, to assist them in their customer outreach. With Lexer, Starward Whisky was able to launch a feedback survey that unearthed that deep customer understanding they were after and resulted in high engagement just 48hrs after release.

Goal: Increase customer understanding and boost engagement

Starward Whisky’s marketing team was tired of their one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Before deploying Lexer, Starward Whisky’s marketing team made a lot of assumptions about what their customers liked or how they used their products.

Instead, they wanted to increase their qualitative understanding of their customers. With this insight, they would work to personalize their marketing to speak to specific audiences and target unique needs.

To launch this survey, Starward Whisky needed initial insights to ensure they captured all the customer data possible so that they had a complete picture of who their customers were. This is exactly where Lexer’s CDXP stepped in to help.

Solution: Lexer customer insights informed high-impact messaging

Using Lexer’s CDXP, Starward Whisky was able to segment their audiences based on a wide variety of attributes such as purchasing behavior, demographics, and location. With these well-defined customer segments, Starward Whisky sent out personalized forms to different customer groups. Through this segmentation strategy, Starward Whisky hoped to deliver greater survey responses than they would have had they sent more generalized messaging.

Starward Whisky also tapped the Lexer team to help them develop their survey, ensuring that each form variant engaged that specific customer segment effectively. Additionally, Starward Whisky marketers used the Lexer platform to easily view the results of their survey in real-time and adapted their approach to launch further customer segmentation.

Results: New insights captured within 48 hrs

The results of Starward Whisky + Lexer’s efforts were almost immediate. Thanks to advanced customer segmentation, the survey garnered the response of 10% of Starward Whisky customers in as little as 48hrs. Engagement continued to increase over the first week, quickly making the results of the survey statistically significant. Using Lexer’s platform, Starward Whisky was able to distil survey responses to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and develop fleshed-out personas that further define customer interests.

Power your marketing with Lexer’s CDXP

The results of this survey campaign have helped Starward Whisky develop more effective marketing campaigns and create customer experiences that engage and satisfy. Lexer is the leading CDXP of choice for over 150 brands. Designed with busy marketers in mind, you can launch advanced customer segmentation and create a unified single customer view without the need of an IT or data science team. Lexer provides you with the tools and insight needed to improve customer experiences and grow your business.

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