December 21, 2018

How to collect customer data during social interactions

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We’ve previously discussed the collection of PII data when it comes to during your customer service interactions.

ICYMI, Lexer has a solution to securely acquire private customer data in a way that is compliant and secure. But first, why should we be concerned?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) includes any data that makes that person recognizable, this includes things like email address, name, physical address, phone number.

On May 25, 2018, GDPR legislation commenced, stipulating that brands must be able to demonstrate a lawful way of processing and securing PII, and confidential data like a PIN number or security question in the body of a Facebook message just won’t cut it.

And should you really be asking your customers for PII on this channel? Recent events like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and hacks to high profile talent management company, PageUp People mean customers are holding PII closer to the chest than ever before.

You need a secure solution

To enable secure customer care on social, Lexer developed a solution for sharing PII with an agent in a way that the data never makes it into social itself.

Through our customer service tool, Lexer Engage, agents can send a secure form for customers to verify their details securely, enabling the agent to continue the service conversation.

Lexer stores the data in an ISO and SOC 2 a GDPR compliant environment, so you know their data is safe.

The details feed into the Engage inbox as a new message, so you can get on with securely actioning their request.

Giving Virgin Mobile an edge

For Virgin Mobile Lexer’s social authentication workflow makes it simple for the team to action requests involving PII.

Authenticating customers quickly and securely cuts down response times
- Robbie Dickenson – Associate Director of Virgin Mobile Operations

With 25% of Virgin Mobile’s customer service requests containing personal information, the feature means the team can now manage it efficiently in a secure environment. “Our customer service team love it. It’s easier for them to provide even better service to customers and has led to a 52% decrease in first response time and 32% decrease in case resolution time” says Robbie Dickenson.

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