August 8, 2020

Lexer President David Chinn talks big data in INTHEBLACK

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Check out Lexer President David Chinn in this article, “How to use big data to inform a post-pandemic roadmap,” by INTHEBLACK Magazine. The article, written by Sonakshi Babbar, focuses on the ways in which artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can help businesses adapt to the post-pandemic world, as well as some of the key considerations to take into account when working with big data.

Consumer behavior is changing at a staggering pace.

Businesses that are ill-equipped to measure and adapt to these changes are at great risk—and on the flip side, those that have already adopted data-driven tools, skills, and strategies are in the best position to engage customers and drive value through these massive market shifts.

“Even at the best of times, any kind of prediction using big data cannot guarantee success. However, Chinn encourages businesses to reconsider the alternative. “’Is it still OK for retailers to be making gut-based decisions when the increased availability of data makes it so easy to make informed decisions?'” — INTHEBLACK Magazine

In this article, INTHEBLACK explores the key areas that could benefit from using big data to make informed decisions, including:

  1. Revenue.
  2. Sales and marketing.
  3. Supply chain management.
  4. Workplace.
  5. Customer relationships.

Why is INTHEBLACK interviewing David Chinn and spotlighting Lexer? Probably because the Lexer Customer Data Platform helps businesses strengthen customer relationships at every customer touchpoint—from marketing to sales to service—by creating a single view of the customer, enriched with data from Experian’s Mosaic, direct surveys, and predictive attributes such as predicted lifetime value and recommended next steps for customer engagement.

“Customer relationships are important for every business, playing a crucial role in a company’s growth during times of turmoil. Chinn points to the investment companies make in their high-value customers, and explains that big data ‘provides insight into these high-value customers to suggest the best and most relevant methods of engagement.'” — INTHEBLACK Magainze

Click here to read the article on INTHEBLACK’s website.

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