September 7, 2022

Webinar: How Rip Curl Drives The Ultimate Customer Experience

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Customers who have a positive experience are 140% more likely to spend—and strong loyalty turns customers into evangelists with a lifetime value 4-6x higher than that of detractors - Bain & Company.

Every touchpoint a customer has with your brand is an opportunity for you to leave a lasting impression and promote retention and brand loyalty, the most valuable assets you can have.

Watch our conversation on driving the ultimate customer experience. Hear from the retail industry’s top data, loyalty, personalisation, and eCommerce experts, including panelist Daniel McIean, eCommerce Manager at Rip Curl, one of the world’s most recognised and trusted brands.

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Guy Rochford
Product Marketing
Originally from Sydney, now calling Venice Beach home, over a decade of marketing experience working with global customer-centric brands. At Lexer, Guy is focused on go-to-market strategy and driving product enablement. Outside of work he enjoys skiing, old watches and 49ers football.