July 28, 2023

Webinar: Humans and Retail Data at Scale Together

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Retail is evolving faster than ever before. One thing hasn't changed.

The importance of knowing your customer.

In this information-packed session, Ben Moreau, Vice President of SEA aims to shift the retail industry’s focus from a traditional "360 view of the customer" approach to a more comprehensive "360 deployment of customer data."

This shift emphasizes the importance of not only collecting and analyzing customer data but also effectively utilizing and implementing it within a business context.

Key topics explored include:

  • Emphasizing the effective utilization and implementation of customer data within retail businesses.
  • Harnessing customer data across various touch-points (in-store, online, mobile), and departments for integrated decision-making within retail organizations.
  • Maximizing the value of collected data to enhance understanding of customer preferences, behavior, and shopping patterns.
  • A case study showcasing a successful data-driven approach within a business.
  • Highlighting the significance of combining human insights with data-driven strategies at scale in the retail sector.
  • Advocating for a comprehensive deployment of customer data to drive informed decision-making and enhance customer experiences.

To dive deeper, watch the full webinar below:
Or you can watch it on YouTube here.

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Aparna Gray
VP, Marketing
Aparna has 22+ years’ experience in the marketing, public relations and communications fields, specialising in the SaaS, high-tech and online retail industries. As Lexer’s VP of Marketing, she brings her wealth of experience and her marketing prowess to the team. Coupled with her infectious energy and creative spirit, she leads a team of stellar marketers working to foster business growth and raise brand awareness through sophisticated marketing campaigns. Calling Melbourne home for the last ten years, Aparna loves to cook with a good Pinot Noir in hand, enjoys watching cricket, and enjoys traveling the world with her husband and two sons.