August 2, 2023

Faster, cheaper, better: 3 immediate benefits of an AI-powered CDXP

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The power of a CDXP lies in its ability to combine disparate data points to reveal real-world insights that you can act on to improve customer experience. Now, thanks to the complementary capability of generative AI, identifying insights and putting them to work is more efficient than ever before. 

By incorporating generative AI into the CDXP, current resource challenges surrounding team capacity and capability are significantly reduced. Teams can access meaning faster, optimize usage and achieve new heights in personalization. Here’s how:

Faster: accelerated data interpretation, immediate insights

The speed at which AI can process and interpret complex data is unparalleled. By leveraging AI's capabilities, you can rapidly analyze large datasets, identify trends, and gain actionable insights in real-time. This quick interpretation immediately unlocks visibility to the patterns and correlations that provide a deeper understanding of your customers.

From here, market changes and new opportunities are quickly spotted. Teams are empowered to focus on strategic planning and the business is perfectly positioned to stay ahead of the competition.

Cheaper: reduced training, greater business application

By analyzing individual user behavior, preferences and objectives, AI can understand how different team members interact with your CDXP and provide a personalized experience tailored to their specific needs. After learning each individual's goals, it can guide them through the CDXP with intelligent recommendations, contextual guidance, and automated processes.

Right away, this empowers current CDXP users to more efficiently navigate the CDXP, saving time and increasing productivity. Looking more broadly, it can extend the usability of the platform, particularly those from different departments, to independently explore and derive insights relevant to their roles – without the need for significant training or time investment.

Better: unrivaled 1:1 personalization, increased loyalty

Leveraging the rich data in your CDXP, AI makes true 1:1 personalized communication at scale not just possible, but simple. By accessing the full customer history, incorporated with your brand messages, values, personality and current objectives, AI can dynamically tailor messaging specifically for each customer.

On top of tapping into existing information, the system can also predict customer needs, anticipate desires and deliver personalized recommendations accordingly. This provides sales associates with new capability to effectively communicate, connect and build relationships with customers – fundamental to better experiences, building loyalty and ultimately, business growth.

Enhancing your CDXP with AI is a strategic move that allows your teams to continue to do what they do best – just faster, cheaper and better. Insights, training and personalization are only the beginning of the transformative impacts that this technology can have on how businesses interact with their customers and drive long-term success. 

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Dave Chinn
CEO & Co-Founder
David joined Lexer in 2015 as the General Manager where he helped to scale the Australian business over a two year period. David then founded Lexer’s North American business, he is based in Los Angeles and has responsibility for global marketing, sales and success. His career in data and technology started at Experian where he worked for 10 years. Despite living on foreign soil David still has Aussie tastes; beer, BBQs, surfing and the great outdoors.