November 21, 2023

Innovation meets impact. What’s new in Q3?

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August, September, October 2023

Welcome to Lexer's Q3 roundup, where innovation meets impact!

Another huge quarter for both Lexer and our amazing clients. From new innovative products, to must-have integrations, speed improvements, and even generative AI analysis, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible with customer data.

Insights into conversions

Lexer has partnered with Nosto to help turn CDXP customer insights into ecommerce conversions. This integration allows brands to leverage their enriched customer profiles for increased website segmentation, personalization, and relevancy. It’s the latest must-have integration for customer-centric retailers. Read more about our integration with Nosto.

Lexer and Nosto partnership

Boost in-store sales by 13%

We’ve been busy Beta testing our exciting new clienteling tool with several leading fashion and apparel retailers. Lexer Serve is the first CDXP-powered clienteling tool that turns data from all customer touch points into exceptional in-store experiences. Highlights of the Serve Beta included:

  • Every customer was greeted as they entered the store, creating valuable visit data.
  • Sales Associates were able to quickly identify who was new vs returning.
  • Of the new customer profiles created via Serve, 75% went on to convert to a sale.
  • Serve enabled Sales Associates to offer 10% off to new customers to help convert.
  • Customers served via Serve had a 13% higher AOV than those who did not.
"It’s so good to be able to look up a customer’s history and provide recommendations on new products with a similar cut or style. It’s also great for gifting, being able to check the perfect item to get their partner"

Learn more about delivering exceptional in-store experiences with Serve.

Serve greeting flow and rich customer profile

Putting the “AI” in retail

You just got a new colleague, Lexi, your new AI assistant and insights guru. Lexi will help solve your capability and capacity constraints, providing role and goal relevant insights across all areas of Lexer. Lexi marks a significant step forward and brings a new dimension of intelligence to our platform, enabling more intuitive analysis and relevant recommendations through generative AI.

Lexi is currently in Beta and clients can request early access now. For everyone else Lexi will be launching February 2024. Discover Lexi, your new AI companion.

Lexi AI attribute comparison analysis

Accelerating ecom insights

Our Shopify integration just got better! Now we can backload, transform, and enrich a staggering 5.5 million orders in just 5 days. This speed supercharges our ability to run our industry first “Live Demos”, and enables faster client onboarding and quicker time-to-value. This improvement not only speeds up data processing but also enhances the overall daily efficiency of our Shopify integration. Learn more about our plug and play Shopify integration.

Connected customers

We're excited to unveil a new Lexer Forms feature that further enhances customer engagement: Pre-filled Fields. This innovation automatically links customers to their profiles, and can automatically populate surveys with data from your CDXP, creating a seamless and personalised experience. It's an effective way to ensure accuracy and data quality. Discover how to pre-fill form details with hidden fields.

Pre-filled "hidden" form fields

Import at scale

Our new Bulk Write API is here to transform how you handle large datasets. Upload millions of records in one go, ensuring that your data is up-to-date and comprehensive. This feature is a powerhouse for managing vast amounts of information efficiently. Explore the capabilities of our Bulk Write API.

Ultimate flexibility

Lexer's File Upload API adds another layer of flexibility to your data import processes. This tool is designed to accommodate various data formats and structures, making it easier than ever to integrate all your data sources into the Lexer CDXP. Learn about the versatile File Upload API.

Discover high-value personas

Our awesome client, Alembika, has seen remarkable growth by leveraging Lexer insights. By discovering a new customer persona, they boosted their average order value by 8% and achieved an 11% increase in revenue. This success story showcases the transformative power of data-driven strategies and Lexer's ability to facilitate such discoveries. Read about Alembika's success.

Luxury Women’s fashion brand, Alembika

Know your customer

Lexer is proven. Our suite of easy-to-use tools and experienced team help many of the world’s most iconic brands and retailers to transform into customer-centric businesses. For this review and many more just like it, checkout our G2 page.

If you’re interested in learning more about our recent updates or the new releases we have in store, please get in touch. We’d love to chat about how we can help you solve your customer challenges and deliver exceptional experiences. Book a demo with one of our retail experts below.

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