August 10, 2023

Lexer has teamed up with Nosto to turn customer insights into conversions

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Lexer has partnered with Nosto - the world’s leading ecommerce experience platform - to help fuel 1:1 personalization across every touch point and device. Read on to learn about the new must-have integration for customer-centric retailers. 

Exceptional experiences

Lexer combines powerful data enrichment with intuitive tools and expert advisory, making understanding and delighting your customers at every interaction a reality. Our integration with Nosto brings together two companies that share the same vision of delivering exceptional customer experiences, at every touch point, that drive sales. 

Personalized customer experiences are a must-have for any retailer that wants to stand out and drive sales. And the most effective way to achieve personalization? Customer data.

Let’s get personal

Get to know Nosto. The Nosto Commerce Experience Platform makes it easy to quickly deploy fully personalized, relevant, and integrated commerce experiences across every device and channel. From dynamic product recommendations, content optimization, triggered overlays, to category pages, and much more. Nosto has solutions to power web, mobile, app, email, and even in-store personalization too.

Deploy Lexer customer segments to all Nosto touchpoints

Right place, right time

Built with customer-centric marketers in mind, Nosto and Lexer make it easy for teams to create better omnichannel customer experiences using their customer data. With enriched customer profiles and segments from a CDP, businesses can take their on-site personalization efforts to the next level.

Turn CDP powered customer insights into increased on-site and in-app personalization, to help drive higher engagement, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately maximize conversions.

  • Deploy CDP customer segments to all your Nosto touchpoints with ease.

  • Segment customers by persona, lifetime value, lifestage, lifecycle, channel preference, location, gender, and much more.

  • Rich customer profiles - informed by zero, first, and third party data sources - help deliver true 1:1 personalization for each individual customer.

  • Increase personalization based on omnichannel insights - from both online and offline sources - to deliver experiences that resonate with each customer at every touchpoint.
Connect Nosto with Lexer in a few easy clicks

Let’s get connected

  • Quick and easy integration, start sending your CDP segments in minutes.

  • Plug and play, no code required.

  • Daily automation means audiences are always up to date, and always relevant. Improving experience and reducing wastage.

  • Learn more about the Nosto and Lexer integration here

Know your customer, grow your business 

To learn more about how Lexer can help you improve your customer personalization and engagement, book a demo with one of our retail experts below.

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Guy Rochford
Product Marketing
Originally from Sydney, now calling Venice Beach home, over a decade of marketing experience working with global customer-centric brands. At Lexer, Guy is focused on go-to-market strategy and driving product enablement. Outside of work he enjoys skiing, old watches and 49ers football.