August 10, 2023

Lexer has teamed up with Nosto to turn customer insights into conversions

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Lexer has partnered with Nosto - the world’s leading Commerce Experience Platform - to help fuel highly personalized shopping experiences across every touch point and device. Read on to learn about the new must-have integration for customer-centric retailers. 

Exceptional experiences

Lexer combines powerful data enrichment with intuitive tools and expert advisory, making understanding and delighting your customers at every interaction a reality. Our integration with Nosto brings together two companies that share the same vision of delivering exceptional customer experiences, at every touch point, that drive sales. 

Personalized customer experiences are a must-have for any retailer that wants to stand out and drive sales. And the most effective way to achieve personalization? Customer data.

Let’s get personal

Get to know Nosto. Nosto is an intelligent Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) that helps brands enrich and connect customer, product, and content intelligence in real-time so they can action it across their site and deliver personalized and authentic online experiences. From product recommendations, search, and category merchandising to content personalization, user-generated content, and more, Nosto offers intuitively designed tools to increase brands’ online revenue through end-to-end commerce experience management.

Deploy Lexer customer segments to all Nosto touchpoints

Right place, right time

Built with customer-centric marketers in mind, Nosto and Lexer make it easy for teams to create hyper-personalized omnichannel customer experiences informed by comprehensive customer data. The results? Higher engagement, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased conversions.

How does it work? Through Nosto, retailers can already build advanced audience segments using real-time behavioural and transactional insights. When combined with Lexer's CDP, they gain access to granular omnichannel customer data, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Out-of-the-box CDP segments, such as high-value customers at risk, last 60 days email openers, omnichannel clients, and more.
  • Over 150 customer attributes, informed by zero, first, and third-party data sources, encompassing date of birth, return percentage, predicted spend, SMS opt-in status, loyalty points balance, average product rating, churn risk, and many more.

These audiences and attributes can be used as segments in Nosto and can be timely targeted with highly relevant onsite experiences using Nosto’s product and content experience cloud features.

For instance, you can ensure the display of a special incentive banner exclusively for shoppers with a high predicted spend to reduce their site exits and encourage conversions on your store rather than with your competitors. Additionally, you can feature higher-priced products prominently in product recommendations, search results, and on category pages, preventing the dilution of the average order value by offering cheaper alternatives to these anticipated high-spenders.

Connect Nosto with Lexer in a few easy clicks

Let’s get connected

  • Quick and easy integration, start sending your CDP segments in minutes.

  • Plug and play, no code required.

  • Daily automation means audiences are always up to date, and always relevant. Improving experience and reducing wastage.

  • Learn more about the Nosto and Lexer integration here

Know your customer, grow your business 

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Guy Rochford
Product Marketing
Guy has nearly two decades of marketing, advertising, and technology experience working with customer-obsessed brands across the USA and APAC. Having joined Lexer in 2016, Guy is focused on go-to-market strategy and delivering client value. Outside of work he enjoys ‘80s movies, and 49ers football.‍