March 31, 2023

Retail Fest 2023: Lexer recognised for Omnichannel Excellence at VIP Awards

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What a week at Retail Fest! Could four days on the Gold Coast be more action-packed? Actually, don’t answer that.

It all kicked off on Monday night with the Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards. Lexer was hugely proud to be shortlisted in eight diverse categories across the industry awards dedicated to celebrating solution providers through-out the retail ecosystem. We are incredibly proud to have won our most coveted category: The Omnichannel Excellence and Innovation Award.

Thanks to co-founders Vicki Cantrell, Phil Leahy, and the entire Retail Global team for the beautiful evening. 

Lexer wins Omnichannel Excellence and Innovation Award

Retail: Bridging the online and offline gap

From awards to a fireside chat: Lovisa’s CRM Manager, Matthew Stuckings, met with our Head of ANZ Sales, Aaron Luxmoore to explore the challenges and triumphs of bridging the online-offline gap.  

Matthew joined the global fashion jewelry retailer after six years working agency-side and inherited Lexer’s CDP. As he entered the brand new role, he conducted his own investigation into the effectiveness of a CDP for a business like Lovisa, concluding that it could be a powerful tool in their ultimate goal: increasing customer loyalty

Here’s our key four top take-aways: 

  1. The value of a CDP extends past ‘having all the data in one place.’

    Lovisa finds the greatest value in building segments that enable genuine engagement with customers, and utilizing the omnichannel capabilities to enrich data for their loyalty program.
  1. In-store data that is limited to transactions only is a missed opportunity. 

    Aside from customers opting in via e-receipts after a sale, Lovisa only currently collects online data. Given the brand boasts more than 746 stores across 32 countries, there is a lot of customer information just waiting to be tapped. Lovisa’s sights are set on growing data-capture in-store and unifying this with existing customer profiles. 
  1. Understanding the ‘Why’ behind a sale is integral to customer loyalty. 

    Loyalty is the end goal for Lovisa and Matthew advocates that understanding omnichannel customer data is fundamental to achieving this. He has identified increasing Lovisa’s collection of ‘zero party data’ – that seeks out the drivers, experiences and behaviors of each purchase through bespoke surveys and feedback forms – as Lovisa’s key next step in developing this missing link. 
  1. The right tech is important, but support for it is invaluable.

    A range of apps cobbled together could provide some of the functionality of a CDP but a huge amount of the value of Lexer’s CDP is generated through the knowledge of their locally-based support teams. Days of data analysis are saved with the right functionality and the time-saving continuously improves with a support team member on-hand sharing new improvements and efficiencies as they’re discovered and introduced.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full interview, available on our channels shortly. 

Bridging the online and offline gap with Lexer's Aaron Luxmoore and Lovisa's Matthew Stuckings.

Fantastic networking opportunities abound

Amongst all the learning, we wouldn’t be Lexis without a little fun and taking a moment to network with our awesome industry peers.

Many opted to congregate around our sponsored coffee cart, and went into the draw for a $1,000 gift card. The winner of the lucky draw will be announced soon - stay tuned!

Our Retail Fest Happy Hour at Loose Moose was jam-packed. Co-hosted with our much-loved partners at Shopify, Yotpo, Impact, Searchspring and Arkhi, it was brilliant to see all of your faces, new and old, and introduce ourselves and re-connect.

Lexis: Aaron, Anastasia, Aparna and Oli, excited to attend Retail Fest 2023

That’s a wrap! 

Retail Fest 2023 was all about interrogating the questions facing the retail industry right now. From the impact of technology, behavioral science, social responsibility,  and how to prepare for a fast-paced future, this last week has been an incredible learning experience for all. The Lexer team returns with new insights, ideas and a whole lot of excitement and love for our fast-evolving industry.

Congratulations to Retail Global for another extremely successful event. We’re already in anticipation of what’s in store for 2024!

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