AI messaging to grow revenue and foster loyalty

Highly personalized 1:1 messages generated by AI. Informed by your objectives, values, and tone. Tailored for each individual customer.
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Show your best customers
the love they deserve

Not all customers are equal. Your top 20% will generate up to 80% of your revenue.
However, many brands are still not showing these customers the love they deserve.
Engage your best customers today with highly personalized 1:1 communications to foster loyalty and grow lifetime value.

Highly tailored 1:1 messages

Efficiently crafted by AI. Informed by your brand objectives and tone. Tailored for each customer. Reviewed by you. Sent by the appropriate team member. At precisely the moments that matter.

Efficiently written by AI

AI assistant, Lexi, will help craft the perfect message for each customer, using insights from the CDXP. Reviewed by you to ensure high quality.


Informed by you and your brand

Train Lexi with your brand context, values, tone, and business objectives, so each message is always relevant, on-brand, and on-point.

Tailored for each customer

Perfectly personalize using attributes from the CDXP. Greet by name, celebrate loyalty using order data, reference recent purchases, suggest recommended products and much more.

Sent by the right person

All teams can better engage with customers. Retail managers, marketers, customer service agents, and even executives can send highly personalized on-brand outreach. With full cross-team visibility and reporting.

At the moments that matter

Intuitive workflows and pre-built best practice segments enable you to nurture, grow, and retain your best customers with the right message at the right time.

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