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Lexer’s plug and play data science is for retailers. Fuel insights and create customer experiences that drive revenue.

Better Targeting

Turn customer insights into TikTok audiences, and convert your highest performing segments 
into customers.

Better Experiences

Deliver hyper relevent campaigns in TikTok to increase engagement, expand reach, and connect with your audience where they are online.

AUDIENCE Orchestration

Synchronize and orchestrate your customer touch points across all channels with our plug & play integrations.
Use Lexer to measure and identify audiences driving sustainable and profitable growth.
Establish always-on dynamic segments, or single use campaign segments in Lexer.
Activate your segments via our seamless to set up integration with TikTok.
Load your creative, and launch your campaign with TikTok custom audiences.

Use customer data for insight, strategy, and watch your team drive profitable growth

  • Acquire more high value customers
  • Find and convert one-time buyers
  • Deliver omnichannel personalization
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Grow CLTV
  • Reduce churn
  • Improve ROAS

Customer-obsessed brands trust Lexer

  • Plug and play integrations
  • Out-of-the-box attributes & segments
  • AI & machine learning enriched profiles
  • Exclusive Experian partnership
  • Actionable customer insight and analysis
  • Expert professional services


Customer Data Platform

With one of the simplest integrations in the industry, Lexer’s CDP will effortlessly combine, cleanse, standardize, and enrich your data into an actionable single view of the customer.

Our tools and team will help boost your customer IQ with AI-powered predictive analytics, third-party data enrichment, and targeted customer surveys.
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Lexer’s marketing solution enables you to quickly identify the right customers, messages, creative, and channels for your marketing campaigns. Designed for business users—not data scientists—our easy-to-use tools allow you to orchestrate highly targeted campaigns across every channel, reducing waste and improving engagement.

With effective tools to track change and quantify impact, you can easily demonstrate the value of your marketing activities.
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Lexer’s retail solution guides sales associates through interactions with each customer to improve the relevancy and impact of the in-store experience. Complete customer profiles allow you to build authentic relationships at scale.

With access to detailed purchase histories and preference information, you can tailor the customer experience, capture data that’s traditionally lost, provide informed product recommendations, and configure next best actions for consistently high-quality engagement.
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Lexer’s service solution brings all customer data, inboxes, workflows, and feedback forms together to enable informed, fully contextualized service interactions.

With access to rich insights about the person behind each service request, your team can enter every conversation with the full context they need to provide consistent, high-quality service. Pre-configured next best actions for common requests allow you to guide agents’ responses and achieve personalization at scale.
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