April 8, 2022

Actions you can take right now to turn your buyers into subscribers

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Repeat buyers deliver value to your brand, but turning them into loyal subscribers will only amplify your returns. Read on to discover actions you can take right now to increase your subscriber count and generate profits.

It’s one thing to have a base of regular customers, and another thing to have those customers subscribed and loyal to your brand.

While recurring customers generate plenty of value, email and SMS marketing campaigns can directly urge your customers to return and purchase again, enhancing their lifetime value.

When you turn your repeat buyers into subscribers you’ll be able to capitalize on an audience that is already excited about your brand. With these loyal customers subscribed your business can only stand to benefit.

Why your customers need to be subscribers

You may have heard from some that ‘email marketing is dead,’ however this couldn’t be further from the truth. While email marketing campaigns have been hitting inboxes since the early 80s, they are just as relevant as ever and act as a core part of any successful marketing campaign.

In 2020 email marketing generated $7.5 billion in the United States alone. On average, email marketing has a pretty remarkable return on ad spend (ROAS) as well, rounding out at $36 for every $1 dollar spent.

The same can be said for SMS marketing campaigns as well. Relatively new by comparison to email marketing, SMS marketing campaigns generate remarkable results with some marketers estimating that 90% of users will open and read a SMS within 3 minutes of receiving it.

These are the positive metrics that you miss out on when you leave your customers unsubscribed. Email and SMS marketing serve as an incredible tool for not just keeping your customers informed, but as a contact list to push new products and promotions that would otherwise live only on your website or in social media channels. Capturing your customers’ information is key and urging them to subscribe to your newsletter or SMS list which will help drive the success of your campaigns and increase your customers' lifetime value (CLV).

How to transform your customers into subscribers

So, you already have an audience of recurring customers, but how do you turn them into committed subscribers? Re-capturing customer information can seem tricky at first, particularly if they’ve already purchased from your business. Fortunately, there are a number of actions you can take right now to transform your buyers into avid subscribers.

Push for subscription at checkout

Whether in-store or online, you should push your customers to subscribe to your lists  at checkout. In the case of in-store purchases, work with your staff to establish a practice of mentioning your email or SMS list. Additional signage at the checkout desk can only prompt your customers further.

In your ecommerce store you should deploy a similar strategy. When your customers finally click that checkout button, prompt them to first sign-up for your newsletter or SMS list. Alternatively, you can urge them to subscribe when they’re filling out their contact information on the final page of your checkout process. This additional push can be as subtle as a checkbox, confirming that your team has permission to send updates and promotional material directly to their email inbox.

Regardless of how you prompt your customers to subscribe, you should always highlight the value of them doing so whether that be through exclusive promotions or early-access to your latest products.

Capture through exclusive promotions

Even with an audience of loyal recurring customers it can be challenging to know precisely when they’ll return to make an additional purchase and subscribe to your list. In this instance, you’ll want to incentivize your customers to return to your brand ASAP to not just subscribe to your newsletter, but make additional purchases.

With the use of a customer data and experience platform (CDXP) you can create highly-specific segments of customers who have repeatedly purchased from your business but have yet to subscribe to your lists. From this segment identify what they’ve purchased and find products or product categories that complement this original purchase. Once you’ve identified these products, run a relevant promotion that provides exclusive discounts to those who subscribe to your list. These exclusive promotions can be pushed both in-store and online, ensuring that you capture the broadest audience possible.

Drive awareness on your web and social media channels

Odds are, your repeat customers would already be inclined to subscribe to your email or SMS lists; they may just not be aware of it yet. Even if you have yet to capture your customers’ emails you can reach them across your website and social media channels.

For your website, create a sign-up form on your homepage. You can extend this form to other landing pages as well so that they’re reminded of your subscription list as they navigate your website.

When it comes to your social media channels, create a subscribe button or link to a subscription form. Platforms like Instagram for instance allow you to include a link to subscribe right in your bio. Facebook’s business page allows you to create a CTA button that can link directly to your subscription form. And with a CDXP you can easily build and segment your subscriber list directly from the data captured through your social media platforms.

Use Lexer’s CDXP to turn your customers into loyal subscribers

To turn your customers into subscribers you need a platform that can help you understand and segment your customers seamlessly, Lexer’s CDXP is that platform. Lexer is designed to help the busiest of retailers develop a deep understanding of who their customers are so that they can create the experiences that excite and delight them. Over 150 leading retailers like Supergoop!, Sur La Table, and Quicksilver use the Lexer platform to unify customer databases, engage their subscriber lists  and increase revenue. Accelerate your business growth with Lexer’s CDXP.

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