January 23, 2024

AI messaging to grow revenue and foster loyalty: Introducing Lexer Contact

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Contact is your new AI messaging tool to grow revenue and foster loyalty. Create highly personalized 1:1 messages for your best customers. Generated by AI, informed by your objectives, values, and tone. Tailored for each individual customer. Today.

Show your customers the love they deserve

Not all customers are equal. Your top 20% will generate up to 80% of your revenue. However, many brands are still not showing these customers the love they deserve. Now you can engage your best customers with highly personalized 1:1 outreach to foster loyalty and grow lifetime value.

On-brand and on-point

AI assistant, Lexi, will help craft the perfect message for each customer, using insights from the CDXP. Train Lexi with your brand context, tone, business objectives, and a brief, so each message is super relevant, on-brand, and on-point.

Train Lexi with your brand context, tone, and objectives
Provide Lexi with a brief for each queue

High impact opportunities

Contact is powered by your Lexer CDXP segments. Save segments of your best customers who you want to engage 1:1. These could be your current big spenders you want to retain, or those you wish to nurture into future VIPs. These segments become the queues to target with your outreach. In this example we are targeting new customers who made their first order in the last 30 days, and had an above average order value of $250 or more. These are potential high-value customers we want to welcome and nurture into new VIPs.

High-value segmentation

Tailor for each customer

Perfectly personalize every message using rich data points and attributes from the CDXP. Greet by name, celebrate their loyalty using order data, reference recent purchases, suggest recommended products to complete their look, and much more.

Personalized 1:1 messages

Cross team collaboration 

Contact helps all of your teams better engage with customers. Retail managers, marketers, customer service agents, and even executives can send highly personalized on-brand outreach. With full cross-team visibility and reporting built-in.

The moments that matter

Intuitive workflows and pre-built best practice segments enable you to effectively nurture, grow, and retain your best customers with the right message at exactly the right time.
Review, edit, and send multiple messages per minute to deliver effective 1:1 personalization at scale.

1:1 messaging workflow

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Guy Rochford
Product Marketing
Guy has nearly two decades of marketing, advertising, and technology experience working with customer-obsessed brands across the USA and APAC. Having joined Lexer in 2016, Guy is focused on go-to-market strategy and delivering client value. Outside of work he enjoys ‘80s movies, and 49ers football.‍