September 19, 2018

Customer Data and a Data Driven Culture

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Data Rockstars make businesses better by using data to improve customer experience and drive results.

The impact that data can have on a business is widely acknowledged. And thankfully, these days it’s a cinch to get started. Companies excelling with data often possess a secret weapon: A Data Rockstar. But, what on earth IS a Data Rockstar and how can you spot one, or better, become one?

In our recent Data Culture Study, we found that high-performing companies, aka those with the most Data Rockstars, were 104% more likely to allow self-service of insights, and 90% more likely to be fully resourced. We can assume brands who have the right people in place, accessing and acting on data know a thing or to about rocking their data.

And, anyone can become a Data Rockstar. Data is no longer the scary, numerically-based, analyst-only area it once was. Although, traditional methods of segmentation are still just as relevant. Data is powerful and now, accessible! Data Rockstars are the individuals empowered by data, delivering impressive ROI based on tangible customer insights. They fact-check intuition and love digging into the data to make data-driven decisions.

You know them when you meet them – you just have to mention data and they physically swoon!

High performing brands are 104% more likely to self-serve insights
- Lexer, Data Culture Study, 2018

We love Data Rockstars because they have the ambition to transform a brand’s success. And, in this era where we’re drowning in data, there has never been a better time for Data Rockstars to rise up and grab a microphone!

Qualities of a Data Rockstar

In conversations with Data Rockstars, we have discovered that the same simple steps are followed. The list below outlines some of the common areas where Data Rockstars quickly and easily improve how data is used.

They extract value from data by:

  • Pivoting data from a side-project to a central-business function
  • Employing the right tools to connect data sources into a practical customer view
  • Allocating sufficient resources to data projects
  • Using data to make decisions
  • Breaking down silos

Find out more about what top companies are doing to succeed with data by reading our data culture report.

They allow insights to be accessed:

  • Applying directly to business decisions
  • Advocating and ensuring self-serve access is available

They improve customer service by:

  • Using data to better listen to and serve their customers
  • Analyzing content and team performance
  • Creating models to predict customer needs and proactively serve them
  • Applying data to personalize communication with each customer

They personalize marketing by:

  • Using insights from customer data to shape marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Enriching their contact database with third-party data to find like-minded fans and create new audiences
  • Leveraging their contact data to personalize communications with an audience
  • Championing a consistent experience across channels

Becoming a Data Rockstar:

  1. Data Rockstars are humans who see the benefit of putting data at the heart of a business.
  2. Data Rockstars can be anywhere in a business – they aren’t always analysts or data science “nerds”
  3. It is possible for established businesses to out rock newer ones in ROI by unifying legacy data sources.
  4. Data Rockstars are vocal, transparent and make data-driven decisions

Brands are made up of many talented professionals, with many different skill sets. It’s the combination of these unique skills that give brands the amplification they need to grow.

“Data Rockstars demonstrate a willingness to teach others how easy it can be to extract value from data.”
– David Chinn, President of Lexer US

Data Rockstars are the front people of the company’s success. Times may be changing at lightning speeds, but we still need the Steven Tyler’s, Paul McCartney’s, and Robert Plant’s of the world to teach us how to walk this way and get the rest of us behind them!

Keen to learn more about becoming a Data Rockstar? We have a bank of resources ready to help guide you, including our seven-part Navigating Martech Guide and our Data Culture Report where you can find out exactly how successful brands are rocking their data.

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