December 20, 2018

Customer service tools with easy analytics & reporting

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You’ve created the customer experience team of dreams. Everyone is passionate and buys into the dream of your brand.

Even still, as a leader in a Digital Customer Care team, it can be really challenging to know where to focus time and resources.

  • Do you respond to every single comment? Or just customer service questions?
  • What if the post comes from an Influencer?
  • How do I schedule my team? Is there a 24/7 requirement?

Most brands experience a spike in activity as the working day ends
- CoSchedule

The answers to all these questions come from an analysis of your community.

Start by assessing volumes and response times at different parts of the day and night to ensure the right number of staff are on shift at the appropriate time. Then, monitor trends in content to get a global view of what your community is actually talking to you about.

You’ll learn more about the type of content that speaks to them, as well as the most common types of queries coming through each day and night.

Now, consider your social KPIs:

  • For organic reach, it may be necessary to respond to every post
  • Just starting out? It may be appropriate to dedicate resources to these types of queries to set expectations
  • For likes, tweets and shares, prioritize Influencers

Finally, you’ll come to a judgment call on volume vs the capability of your current team. Considering most brands experience a spike in activity as the working day ends (CoSchedule), there may be a need to resource around conventional working hours, especially if you’re leveraging this activity by posting at the end of the day.

The important thing is to move with your audience, and recognize that social never really sleeps.

Monitor stories being told about your brand, competitors, and industry – and be part of the narrative day and night.

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