March 21, 2017

Digital customer service at large bank exceeds all KPIs

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Trusted by one of Australia’s most respected companies — a multi-billion dollar financial services group with over 13 million loyal customers.

To help our client hit the ground running, we embarked on a rapid, multi-location implementation to enable world-class customer care.

Here’s how we deployed a fully integrated customer intelligence platform and trained 60 team members across four offices in three cities, with an all too familiar deadline: ASAP.


From start to finish, we worked with our client in only 14 days to decommission their incumbent provider and onboard Lexer's customer data platform across all departments.

We began with a Discovery Session with key stakeholders to scope their business priorities and agree on requirements for immediate delivery.

We translated these requirements into a configurable solution that focused on rolling out Lexer, our customer data and experience platform, with immediate effect to replace their incumbent provider.

The priority was to completely transition to Lexer within 72 hours of that first meeting.

With priorities clear and agreed, Lexer was scoped, setup, and delivered that afternoon.

We then worked directly with our client and their workforce scheduling team to organize in-person group training sessions across multiple offices to ensure training was delivered prior to transition. With the team fully trained, the transition to the new platform was seamless with no interruption to service.

After the immediate requirement had been met, we then embarked on an extensive (and less time-sensitive!) rollout of the other products in our suite, ensuring each requirement was met and then integrated into the daily routines of our many users.


Lexer was delivered and the entire team trained and transitioned from the incumbent within 72 hours.

Today, their response times on social media are the fastest in their category, beating out all competitors.

With Lexer becoming part of the pulse of the organization, the customer service team has exceeded all KPIs and scored top marks on service, support and innovation.

The actions of the front-line staff in the service team directly translate into real-time, tagged, and relevant Command Screens that display content for both day-to-day use and during crises.

Transparency in social service volumes and quality is now a common reality for our clients, and they’ve achieved an estimated cost saving of 50% as a result of switching providers.

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