August 16, 2022

Fuel your SMS marketing with Lexer + Attentive

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With Attentive + Lexer, you’ll be able to fuel your SMS marketing with enriched customer profiles to create authentic omnichannel customer experiences that drive engagement and customer retention. 

To generate success in the current age of retail, you must create unified experiences that engage customers across multiple channels at every stage of their journey.

Lexer’s Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) and Attentive help you create personalized customer experiences using deep customer insights within SMS marketing efforts. Retailers leveraging Attentive plus Lexer create data-enriched SMS campaigns that reach customers’ inboxes. Getting relevant messaging to speak directly to a customer’s personalized needs and behaviors is strengthened with our new integration.

Who is Attentive? 

Attentive is a comprehensive SMS marketing solution that helps leading brands create meaningful interactions through personalized text messaging. The Attentive platform empowers retailers to engage with their customers directly via SMS, creating omnichannel experiences tailored to each customer's unique attributes. 

With Attentive, retailers have grown their subscriber lists and unlocked new revenue opportunities through behavior-based messaging. Attentive’s integration with Lexer’s CDXP will give you the tools to seamlessly enrich your SMS experiences with customer data from the Lexer hub.

Why Lexer + Attentive? 

SMS is emerging as the most powerful marketing channel for retailers, delivering an average open rate of 98%. Your customers' needs and expectations are changing. Not only do your customers desire personalized experiences, but they expect these experiences to be linked across channels, particularly over SMS.

Lexer’s integration with Attentive gives you 10 new SMS-related attributes to identify and segment your audiences. This brings you closer to your customer, helping you expand your omnichannel experience with improved customer segmentation, and optimize your marketing message. 

Develop authentic omnichannel customer experience

To keep your customers engaged, you need to unify your messaging across your channels. Whether your customers are interacting with your brand via email, web, advertising, or SMS, unified touchpoints are an essential element as you develop your strategies to improve retention rates. 

Enriched customer profiles in Lexer’s CDXP can be connected directly to Attentive SMS campaigns, ensuring each customer gets the right message at precisely the right time. As a result, you’ll be able to create customer experiences that are highly personalized across your channels.

Improve SMS campaign segmentation 

When powered with insights from Lexer’s CDXP, you can enhance your Attentive SMS campaigns by creating customer segments based on highly granular attributes. 

Do you want to identify and target your high-value SMS customers who purchased a specific product for a special promo campaign? Lexer + Attentive makes this possible, helping you identify who your high conversion SMS customers are and allowing you to target them with offers unique to their specific behaviors and purchases. Thanks to this hyper-specific form of SMS campaign segmentation, you can maximize the performance of your SMS marketing campaigns. 

Optimize your marketing message 

Do you know what products your customers purchased through SMS? Better yet, do your hero products look the same across all channels and segments? With Lexer + Attentive, you can identify which products you should be speaking to and ensure that the market message remains the same across all channels. Additionally, this integration allows you to compare the performance of your SMS and email campaigns, helping you find the most optimal channel per segment and customer. 

Lexer + Attentive makes this possible by providing deep insight into your customers, helping you understand your customer journey and create optimized SMS campaigns that generate improved conversion rates. 

Know your customers. Grow your business. 

Elevate your SMS campaigns to deliver authentic omnichannel experiences, and directly engage your customers with relevant messaging at every stage of their lifecycle.  

Lexer is the customer data and experience platform of choice for over 150 leading brands and retailers, helping them develop a deeper understanding of their customers so they can improve experiences and drive revenue growth. We put the power of your customer data directly into your hands, ensuring you have the insights necessary to grow your business. Our intuitive tools enable retail, marketing, and service teams to create data-driven engagement strategies that positively impact every stage of the customer lifecycle.

To learn more about how Lexer and Attentive work together to create remarkable customer experiences, schedule a demo using the calendar below!