July 31, 2018

How to Handle PII in Social Customer Care

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Verify customers quickly and securely with the first authentication workflow built for customer service.

There’s a huge opportunity to service your customers on social.

Yet brands are limited in the type of requests they can resolve on this channel due to privacy laws prohibiting the processing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)– an essential step for teams needing to authenticate customers to process their requests securely.

Considering poor customer service experiences cost brands up to $75 billion per year, we’ve developed an industry-first verification workflow to help you continue the conversation on the channel of choice for your customers.

A secure and compliant solution

Surveys in Lexer take customer data out of social so your team can verify customers quickly and securely.

Agents can send a customized survey in the body of a private message and the customer’s response feeds straight back into your inbox as a new message for you to action.

Data contained in the survey is stored securely in an ISO, SOC and GDPR-compliant environment, so the customer can enjoy a secure one-stop-shop for all their requests.

Giving Virgin Mobile an edge

For Robbie Dickenson – Associate Director of Virgin Mobile Operations, Lexer’s social authentication workflow makes it simple for the team to action requests involving PII.

“Authenticating customers quickly and securely cuts down response times and helps us deliver amazing customer care.”

With 25% of Virgin Mobile’s customer service requests containing personal information, the feature means the team can now manage it efficiently in a secure environment.

“Our customer service team loves it. It’s easier for them to provide even better service to customers and has led to a 52% decrease in first response time and 32% decrease in case resolution time.”

“We’re able to solve customer service queries 70% faster thanks to this feature.”

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