February 1, 2024

Innovation meets impact. Lexer Q4 highlights

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November, December, January 2024

Welcome to Lexer's Q4 roundup, where AI-powered innovation, meets customer impact! 

Let's take a look at another mega quarter for Lexer and our awesome retail clients. Q4 saw more innovative products, improved usability, updates to important attributes, and continued beta testing of exciting new AI functionality. All part of our mission to help provide exceptional data-driven customer experiences.

THE UPSIDE transforms retail with 75% conversion rate and +13% AOV

We're witnessing a significant shift in consumer behaviour, with a growing preference for premium in-person retail experiences. A "retail renaissance". Learn how athleisure retailer THE UPSIDE took advantage of this shift, and transformed their retail experience, achieving fantastic results, and set a new standard for customer engagement, with our new clienteling product Serve.

Athleisure retailer THE UPSIDE

Show your best customers the love they deserve

We’ve been hard at work on a new AI messaging tool to help grow revenue and foster loyalty. Called "Contact" it enables you to create highly personalized 1:1 messages for your best customers. Generated by AI, informed by your brand objectives and tone. Tailored for each customer. Learn more about AI messaging here, and look out for more news on Contact in our Q1 launch event!

Contact 1:1 AI messaging

Improved email subscription status

The team has made improvements to our existing ESP email subscribe status attribute. You'll find new values for improved clarity and accuracy. This will help with both insight and marketing segmentation. Improvements are being rolled out for Klaviyo, Dotdigital, Emarsys, Braze, Salesforce, and Attentive integrations. Learn more about our improved ESP subscription status attribute here

Improved email status values

Dotdigital address book

Clients who use Dotdigital can now create a new Address Book or update an existing one when they send customer segments from Lexer to Dotdigital. Learn more this new feature and our Dotdigital integration here.

LiveRamp speed update

Updates have been made to our popular LiveRamp integration that have resulted in an improved client experience and faster audience upload time.

Tailored insights in two days

We’ve made it even easier for retailers who use Shopify and Klaviyo to see how Lexer can help them understand their customers, and provide actionable insights to fuel their growth. Our new “Live Demo” is the best demo in the business. With our plug-and-play integrations we are able to demo your own customer data back to you, and provide a customer analysis report in just days - no cost or commitment to buy. Learn more about the Lexer Live Demo here

“I just shed a tear. Think about how long it took us to try and get a CDP up and running. This in only two days vs a year. It’s crazy.”

Software plus servies

One of the reasons clients love Lexer, is that we are an extension of their team. We know technology will only get you so far. So Lexer’s onboarding, implementation, and strategic services help your team adapt to the ever-evolving retail world, level up your analytics maturity, and fill any gaps in your team’s resources to ensure a smooth, successful CDXP adoption. Read our latest G2 reviews.

Our latest G2 review

What's next?

Proactive health check alerts are being added to Datasets. And stay tuned for our huge Q1 product launch event to be shared this week, featuring more information and in-depth demos of Lexi, Contact, and Serve.

If you’re interested in learning more about our recent updates or the new releases we have in store, please get in touch. We’d love to chat about how we can help you solve your customer challenges and deliver exceptional experiences. Book a demo with one of our retail experts below.

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