January 18, 2024

THE UPSIDE transforms customer experience with 75% conversion rate and +13% AOV

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THE UPSIDE, founded by Australian fashion icon Jodhi Meares, has become the go-to label for fashionable and functional sportswear. The brand offers a range of chic activewear, yoga wear, and athleisure that seamlessly blends fashion with utility.

Their ongoing partnership with Lexer to better understand their customer has seen them deploy Lexer’s latest CDXP-powered clienteling tool, Serve, to their stores.

This case study delves into how Serve helped transform THE UPSIDE's retail customer experience, delivering impressive results, and setting new standards for customer engagement.

Retail renaissance

We're witnessing a significant shift in consumer behaviour, with a growing preference for in-person retail experiences over online shopping. This "retail renaissance" is not just a fleeting trend but a pivotal moment for retailers to redefine the in-store customer experience. At the heart of this transformation is the seamless integration of omni-channel data, empowering store staff with insights previously confined to the digital realm.

“As retailers we tend to ask a lot of our store staff - understand the customer's purpose, build a connection, provide excellence with every interaction. They are not unusual requests to make, but it is a lot to expect of staff to deliver on that every single time. With Lexer’s Serve product, we’ve been able to provide a tool to better enable our staff, and ultimately allow them to deliver that excellence through additional insights and information. It’s been well received by our staff and our customers are appreciative of it too.” - Paul Burdekin, CEO, THE UPSIDE.

Have you shopped with us before?

Lexer’s clienteling tool Serve was the innovative solution to this challenge. The first CDXP-powered clienteling tool that enables your sales associates to provide exceptional in-store experiences. 

Serve empowers sales associates with critical insights about customers, enabling personalised interactions, more effective sales strategies, and customer delight at every opportunity.

Lexer Serve greeting flow

The result: 75% conversion rate and +13% AOV

With Serve deployed to their three flagship stores, THE UPSIDE achieved incredible outcomes.

The perfect opener

Every customer was greeted with a warm welcome, and the perfect opener: “have you shopped with us before?” and in doing so captured new invaluable visit data. Date of store visit, time in store, and the sales associate who assisted, were all automatically appended to customer profiles in the CDXP.

Understand and tailor

Sales associates are now able to quickly identify which visitors were new vs returning as they ‘checked’ them into the store. THE UPSIDE saw that 71% of visitors were new customers and were able to create new profiles for them on the spot.

“It’s so good to be able to look up a customer’s history, even from a few years ago, and provide recommendations on new products they may like.” Store Manager, Mosman.

Lexer Serve rich customer profile
Capture actionable insight

Unlike website tracking, most store conversations are lost when the customer leaves. Lexer’s built-in survey forms enabled staff to easily collect key information during their interactions. Motivations, birthday, and reason for visit - these are enriched on the customer’s profile for analysis and future followup. Top reasons for visit included: shopping for gym gear, gifting, vacation outfit shopping and special event shopping.

“Knowing the customer’s birthday is super valuable, I will now be more proactive in collecting this.” Store Manager, Miranda.

A seamless experience

Serve enabled sales associates to offer 10% off to new customers -  just like they’d get online - to help convert store visitors. Another example of building around the customer, and delivering a consistent omnichannel experience.

"The discount significantly influences new clients' willingness to add more items and make a purchase." Store Manager, Bondi.

That special someone

Sales associates could now effortlessly access historical purchase data, understand more about each customer, their buying preferences, sizes, and preferred fit - this was not only beneficial for those in-store but also helped those who were gifting too. Being able to make sure they chose the perfect size and fit for their loved one. 

“Serve was instrumental in assisting partners in selecting gifts and helping remember their sizes from previous purchases.” Store Manager, Miranda.

A profound impact

Of the new profiles created, 75% went on to convert to a sale that day! Showcasing the impact that personalised service has on customer satisfaction. 

Ultimately, customers engaged with Serve had a 13% higher AOV. Proving that personalised service has a profound impact on customer consideration and conversion. This boost could deliver over $135,000 in additional sales in just this year alone.

Setting a new standard

The collaboration between THE UPSIDE and Lexer is more than just a success story; it's a testament to how customer-centric innovation can transform the retail experience for all involved - customers, staff, and management.

By integrating Lexer into the store experience, THE UPSIDE not only enhanced its customer engagement but also set a new benchmark for personalised retail service. 

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