June 15, 2023

Drowning in data? Introducing Datasets, the ultimate CDP data management solution

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Through an intuitive UI, retailers now have the tools to confidently understand their customer data sources. This enables them to see everything in a single view, with increased visibility, helping improve data consistency, accuracy, and application.

Customer-centric brands are collecting more customer data, from more sources, than ever before. And managing this has quickly become very time consuming. That's why we are excited to announce the latest addition to the Lexer CDP: Datasets.

With Datasets, retailers gain more control, unlock more insight, and are given more tools to take their CDP data management to the next level.

The visual UI is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for all business users to manage their data. Datasets streamlines the CDP data management process, allowing retailers to spend less time managing, and more time engaging with customers and generating revenue. 

Datasets helps brands manage their data more efficiently and accurately. It brings multiple sources together into a single view, increasing visibility, and helping enable data consistency. Plus, it facilitates data validation and quality assurance (QA), making sure CDP data is always of the highest quality.

View, edit, manage and add

Retailers now have complete control over the data that powers their CDP. They can view, edit, manage, and even add datasets, all from one place. Plug and play integrations, SFTP uploads and APIs allow flexibility for how data is uploaded into the CDP, from any source. This allows them to see all these sources in one place, helping them manage how and when data is flowing.

Validate the health of each feed

Users have easy access to tools to help them quickly validate and QA, including status for data continuity, volume, and freshness of data flowing into their datasets. Plus, they can drill down further to see the payload for individual records.

Real-time visibility, unlocks insight

By providing real-time access to key metrics, retailers can validate, troubleshoot, and analyze their data faster and more efficiently. Always-on access allows users to take control of their CDP data asset, leading to increased understanding, faster decision making and more agility when it comes to delivering exceptional data-driven customer experiences. 

Access high-level statistics

Summary statistics and charts separated into convenient tabs, help quickly visualize important metrics for each dataset. These will vary depending on the type of records contained within the dataset, such as customer file, ecommerce orders, in-store orders, email engagement, returns, and product information.

Unlocking more application

Data is only valuable if it can be put to work effectively. With Lexer Datasets, retailers can leverage their data in more places by seamlessly connecting datasets with APIs. This allows for secure data sharing across various systems, platforms, and tools, helping retailers to unlock the full potential of their customer data across all touchpoints. Whether it's personalizing website experiences, triggering automated email campaigns, or enhancing ad targeting, the possibilities are endless.

You're all set!

Datasets, empowers customer-centric retailers with the control, insight, and application capabilities they need. By providing the tools to take control of their data, Lexer enables retailers to deliver more personalized marketing experiences. The increased visibility and faster analysis offered by Datasets helps users make better data-driven decisions, quickly. Plus, the seamless integration with APIs enables retailers to unleash the power of their customer data across multiple channels and touchpoints.

With Lexer Datasets, retailers can maximize the value of their customer data, delivering exceptional customer experiences and gaining a competitive edge today in omnichannel retail.

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