March 17, 2023

Introducing Lexer Forms: Turning surveys into actionable insight that drive personalization

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Zero is the new hero when it comes to truly knowing your customers - and the best way to enrich customer profiles with zero party data is with Lexer Forms. Read on to learn more about the benefits, features, and how to start using Lexer Forms with your CDP today.

The need for owned insight is here

Cookies are on the way out, iOS privacy and opt-outs are making targeting harder, and buying third-party lists can be expensive and lack accuracy.

Zero-party data is information your customers have explicitly shared with you, such as answers to surveys, quizzes or feedback. 

And the good news, 83% of customers are willing to share data with brands to enable a more personalized experience!

Why other survey tools fall short

No pre survey insight...

  • Survey tools don’t provide insights into your customers to inform the best questions to ask
  • Don’t allow you to create and target specific customer segments with specific surveys
  • This results in a one-size fits all, spray & pray approach and reduced relevancy

Limited post survey analysis...

  • Answers are anonymous or in aggregate - not tied to individuals
  • Or captured in isolation and not integrated into your customer database - not able to analyze alongside full customer history for real context
  • This impacts your business decision making

Siloed post survey activation...

  • Not connected to your audience activation tools - insight can’t be acted on quickly and easily for 1:1 personalization
  • Manual process, no automated triggers - increases time and effort
  • This impacts time to action, agility and effectiveness 

Turning surveys into actionable insight

With Lexer Forms It’s easy!

  • Target specific customers with the right questions every time
  • Get responses from real individuals
  • Analyze answers alongside full customer history to understand the full picture
  • Capture, unify and enrich data all in one secure tool
  • Quickly and easily act on insights via your integrated paid and owned channels
  • Automations save you time and money

Why Lexer Forms?

Customer-centric use cases:

  • Automatically enrich CDP profiles with valuable zero-party data
  • Analyze responses alongside full customer history
  • Target specific segments with relevant questions 
  • Inform segmentation, personalization and personas
  • Understand satisfaction, interests, preferences and much more


  • Deploy fully custom forms and surveys in minutes
  • All-in-one solution, no siloed data
  • No-code required
  • Over 20 question types
  • Link questions to CDP attributes 
  • Built-in data validation and logic
  • Multi-page pagination
  • Optimized for mobile and tablets
  • Customize branding, colors, fonts, logos, images and more
  • Supports custom CSS
  • Reporting, track volume of submissions over time.
Deploy fully custom forms in minutes
Customize colors, fonts, and styles to match your brand
Over 20 different pre-built question types

Easy Implementation


  • Licence is only $500 per quarter
  • This grants access to the Form Builder in your hub, and allows you to create as many forms, and capture as many submissions as you like
  • All users added to the Forms permission group can use it, no seat cap
  • Launch from the Manage tab and create your first form in minutes
  • To get the Form Builder turned on in your hub, please email


  • 1,000 free submissions every quarter, then additional usage is as per the rate card
  • Data enrichment, attributes, validation, logic and all design features 
  • Best practice guides, playbooks, case studies, product support and more

Rate card:

  • Usage is reported and invoiced on a quarterly basis, as per the rate card below.

Want to start using Forms?

For Lexer clients, simply contact and they will help direct you.

For those not yet using Lexer, please reach out using the booking below.

Know your customer, grow your business 

Lexer is the CDXP of choice for over 150 leading retail brands including Kathmandu, Supergoop!, Cotton On, Billabong, Velvet and True Religion. We transform disconnected data into actionable insights, and provide the tools to automate and optimize the customer experiences that drive sales.

To learn more about how Lexer can help you improve your customer engagement, book a demo with one of our retail experts below.

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Product Marketing
Guy has nearly two decades of marketing, advertising, and technology experience working with customer-obsessed brands across the USA and APAC. Having joined Lexer in 2016, Guy is focused on go-to-market strategy and delivering client value. Outside of work he enjoys ‘80s movies, and 49ers football.‍