May 24, 2022

Know and retain your most loyal customers with Yotpo and Lexer

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Lexer’s CDXP now integrates with Yotpo to help you unlock further insights from your loyalty rewards program and customer reviews. Continue reading to discover how this integration can provide a deeper understanding of your most loyal customers.

Lexer’s integration with Yotpo delivers a deeper understanding of your most loyal customers, helping you better engage and retain them.

Yotpo is a leading eCommerce customer experience platform retailers use to accelerate business growth. Through their entire suite of customer engagement solutions for loyalty, customer reviews, SMS marketing, visual marketing, and referrals, you can enhance how your customers connect with your loyalty program, brand, and products.

Yotpo’s integration with Lexer’s Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) lets you tap into even more data-rich insights, better informing the personalized experiences that excite your customers and turn them into loyal members.

Who is Yotpo?

Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform equips users with a variety of tools that assist in building engaging customer loyalty and review experiences. Yotpo’s campaign builder helps you create highly customized rewards and referral programs based on real customer data, maximizing engagement and increasing your customers’ lifetime value (CLV). In addition, Yotpo streamlines the feedback process, giving you the opportunity to turn every purchase into a review. These reviews can then be displayed to prospective customers in the right place at the right time, driving further purhcases.

Yotpo and Lexer’s CDXP bring a data-forward approach to engaging, retaining, and growing your loyal customers.

Why Yotpo and Lexer?

Data from Yotpo’s custom-built loyalty, review, and referral programs can be fed seamlessly into the Lexer hub, where it is combined to enrich your existing customer understanding. As a result, you can seamlessly track program performance in real-time and create more refined customer segments to improve retention and increase customer buy-in.

With loyalty data in the Lexer hub, you’ll gain deep insight into the unique behaviors of your loyalty program members. This advanced understanding will help you refine your loyalty rewards so that they speak directly to the needs of your membership, ensuring that members feel wholly satisfied with their sign-up.

Lexer + Yotpo will grant you access to more than 17 new segment attributes, including loyalty points, total reviews, loyalty VIP tier name, average product rating, loyalty total redemptions, and many more. With these new data points, you’ll be able to enhance your customer segmentation strategy, bringing a granular perspective to loyalty program experiences and customer preferences.

Yotpo integration use cases

To understand your customers, you need to develop detailed customer profiles–Lexer + Yotpo helps you build those profiles around your most loyal customers. The data from Yotpo-built loyalty campaigns in the Lexer hub can reinforce your existing profiles, painting a clearer picture of your high-value audience.

The Lexer + Yotpo integration serves as a significant boost to your customer segmentation and list strategy as well, allowing you to make the biggest impact possible in acquisition. Using the data from your enhanced loyalty program, you’ll be able to craft lookalike audiences based on your ideal high-value customers. You’ll then be able to target this high-value audience with relevant content that brings them into the fold.

Loyalty customer insights from Lexer + Yotpo will help you drive enhanced personalization, allowing you to craft unique messaging that keeps your loyal and high-value customers engaged. You can also tap this data to create personalized customer experiences for your broader audiences that increase CLV, transforming your one-time buyers into raving fans.

Know your customer, grow your business

Lexer’s integration with Yotpo gives you the capability to understand your most loyal customers on a deeper level. With this enriched understanding, you’ll be able to enhance your existing loyalty programs and create experiences that turn your customers into dedicated loyalty members.

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Lexer is the customer data and experience platform of choice for over 150 leading brands and retailers, helping them develop a deeper understanding of their customers so they can improve experiences and drive revenue growth. We put the power of your customer data directly into your hands, ensuring you have the insights necessary to grow your business. Our intuitive tools enable retail, marketing, and service teams to create data-driven engagement strategies that positively impact every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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