May 20, 2021

Meet a Lexi: Jo Hines, Director of Customer Success (Retail)

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Lexi (n): an extraordinary human and Lexer team member who works hard behind the scenes to build powerful products and support customers’ success. Our “Meet a Lexi” series presents exclusive interviews with Lexis across the business to showcase the people who make Lexer great.

Jo Hines is the Director of Customer Success (Retail), ensuring successful onboarding and maintaining exceptional long-term relationships with our customers.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy and client service, Jo’s expertise and collaborative mindset have been a valuable asset for Lexer and our customers.

We sat down with Jo to learn more about her experience at Lexer.

What was life like before Lexer?

I spent just under 20 years in media agencies, always focusing on strategy and client service. I started in London, moved to Sydney, and then moved to Melbourne about 6 years ago. Since I’ve been in Melbourne, I’ve always worked with retail clients.

How did you find Lexer?

I was actually job seeking during COVID. During that time, I focused on homeschooling and did lots of projects—some of them free, some of them paid. I applied to loads of jobs, mainly in marketing and advertising, but Lexer was the only tech job I applied for.

I found Lexer through a simple hiring post on Linkedin. I read the job description and I was like, that’s me! It was posted on a Friday, and I think I responded within 2 hours. I was about to have all these people over to my house for entertainment and I messaged them all and asked them to come later, so I could submit my CV. By Monday, I was called for an interview.

What's the transition from advertising and media to technology been like for you?

It’s funny, I remember when David Chinn [Chinny] interviewed me and he said, Lexer looks for three things: For people who’ve got a really strong data and tech background—and honestly Jo, you don’t. In success roles, we look for people who’ve got really strong client service ethics and background and skills, and you have that in spades. And he said, we really look for people who just see what needs to be done and do it, even if it’s not their specialty.

So, with that context, how has it been moving into tech?

He was completely right, as Chinny usually is. I saw that all my client service skills were really strong and spurred conversations with customers that perhaps weren’t had before. A lot of the feedback from customers shows they’re really enjoying that service—but the tech side of it, wow, the learning curve was steep!

I think that for a lot of people who haven’t worked in data or tech before, it can be a little scary and a little intimidating. You come in and you’re like, can I ever catch up? But Lexer gives you the feeling that it’s completely achievable.

Biggest difference you'd highlight between tech and advertising and media?

In advertising and media, it can be difficult to manage work-life balance, because resources tend to be really stretched. It can have a negative impact on your mental health if you aren’t sure how to manage it.

Because of that, I’ve become a big mental health advocate, and about two years ago, I joined something called the Mentally Health Change Group. I became quite active in that space, but after moving into Lexer, I was struck by how different it was.

At Lexer, everyone is so warm, welcoming, helpful, human. Everyone brings their whole self to work. Everyone’s motivated to help each other grow and find out what’s next. That positive energy is really important for me.

What’s been your favorite part about life at Lexer so far?

To put it simply: Smart people doing great things.

For me, it’s really important to be around a beautiful, smart group of people who can just bring their whole selves to customer meetings and their whole selves to the problems they’re trying to fix. It’s the smart, human connections I’ve made here that really make Lexer stand out.

How does Lexer support you to do your best work?

Well, I’ve never had a boss like Kristy Malik [KM]. I love her. She’s just this fountain of knowledge.

We have these in-depth conversations that go off in a thousand directions. When I have a question or need help with something, she won’t just step in and do it—and it’s the absolute proper coaching and guidance, which is a skill that many people just don’t have. Many people will want to jump in and save you or jump in and do it and be in control, whereas having a conversation with KM kind of inspires you into developing your own solutions and connects you to other people who can help.

Is there a specific piece of advice or guidance she’s given you that’s really stood out so far?

Trust your perspective. We hired you for your experience. Always have a voice.

I was quite scared the first quarter, when I started leading data, tech, and infrastructure workshops in a space that I didn’t actually know much about. Here I’m supposed to be my customers’ guiding oracle, but actually they knew more than I did about the product. So KM’s advice was to trust my perspective and don’t be afraid to ask questions, and that really helped.

Have you had any notable experiences with customers since you’ve been here?

Just having the ability to help customers define, explore, and execute their full potential has been a great experience for me, and I’m looking forward to doing more of that.

For example, Hairhouse is one of the very first customers that I presented the insights deck for after starting at Lexer. When we show the insights decks, it’s the first time that their CDP has been stood up and the first time they actually see what the numbers are telling them and potential directions that they can take their business. I loved presenting that deck to them because it illuminated so many new projects and directions that they could go with their business. Seeing all their data together in one place really helped them look at their business in a new light.

I also love working with Australian Venue Co, because they’ve had a really interesting year. They’re buying new venues, doing tons of renovations, and their business is going absolutely crazy. I loved the conversation with them when we brought Experian data into the picture—instead of just their standard customer base, they were able to see exactly who their customers are at a deeper level. They can look at venues they’re thinking about buying and profile the neighborhoods to learn more before they buy.

I could go on and on. When I was working in agencies, those client conversations always felt more restricted. But when it comes to data architecture and infrastructure at Lexer, customers are much more the masters of their own destinies. Seeing those lightbulb moments for customers is really exciting for me.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new starter at Lexer, what would it be?

You’ll never know the answer to all the questions, and that's okay. The secret is to find the person who does.

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