January 22, 2024

Transform store performance and delight your customers: Introducing Lexer Serve

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Serve is the first CDXP-powered clienteling tool that turns data from all of your customer touch points into exceptional in-store experiences. Enabling your Sales Associates to provide highly personalized service to delight your customers at every opportunity. 

Serve improves customer experience and grows sales, transforming your store performance with a focus on these three key areas:

  1. Gain actionable insight into store traffic and Sales Associate performance
  2. Grow revenue by improving customer experience, conversion rate, and AOV
  3. Capture valuable data for post-visit insight, marketing, and personalization.
Serve rich customer profile

Greet every customer with the perfect opener

Guide Sales Associates with best practice customer engagement. Identify new and returning customers and capture their shopping motivations to best serve them. Understand your store visitor quality and ultimate sales potential. Learn how to configure and customize your greeting flow here.

Serve greeting flow

Understand your relationship with every customer

Comprehensive profiles help you know each individual customer. Powered by the CDXP, these include customer details, full purchase history, product images, lifetime value, channel preference, segment participation, marketing engagements, and more.

Serve product details

Tailor the experience for each customer

Enable your team to deliver relevant customer experiences in every store. Link actions to segments to guide Sales Associates with everything they need to deliver a personal experience for each individual customer, every time.

Serve customer segments

Improve measurement and data collection

Unlike website interactions, most in-store data is currently lost when the customer leaves your store. Lexer’s flexible data capture forms enable you to collect this key customer information from in-store interactions to genuinely understand and engage your customers both online and offline.

  • Create new customer profiles
  • Grow your email list
  • Measure NPS and CSAT
  • Survey customers
  • Capture buying motivations
  • Collect customer preferences, and more
Serve secure data capture forms

Turn every interaction into actionable insight

New data points are automatically generated, and linked to customer profiles in the CDXP - for example, store visited, date and length of visit, and staff member who assisted. All knowledge gained from in-store interactions is recorded and retained for next time.

Store interactions enrich customer profiles

Continue the conversation post-visit

Personalized post-visit communications, such as surveys, re-marketing based on items tried on, coupons, or simply a quick "thanks for stopping by" can be automatically triggered. And any transactions that occur online can be attributed back to the in-store visit. Read more about our AI-messaging tool that helps enable efficient, effective post-visit engagement here.

Gain insight into store performance

Finally understand all aspects of the store experience and your Sales Associate effectiveness. From the number of new vs returning customers per day, reason for each visit, what they are looking for, to how long each team member spends with a customer. Even interactions that don’t result in a sale, its all captured for analysis. Learn more about Serve reporting in our Learn documentation here.

Store visit, engagement, and conversion reporting

Quick POS profile lookup

Serve enables Sales Associates to effortlessly transition a sales interaction to checkout. Quickly pull up the customers POS profile by simply scanning the Serve QR code. No need to re-enter the customer details again. Increasing speed to sale, data accuracy and quality, and customer satisfaction.

Deploy with ease

Deployment is IT-friendly and code-free. The intuitive touch UI is optimized for tablets and securely integrated with your customer and marketing platforms. Serve is ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 compliant.

Results: 75% conversion rate and +13% AOV

That's what leading sportswear brand THE UPSIDE was able to achieve with Serve in just a few weeks. Read the client success story here.

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